Putting The Community First

These guys sure do care about their waterways.

Do you?

We humans love water.

Problem is, we also seem to love making garbage. And some of us out there are not very good at picking up after themselves (making the rest of us look bad, not cool people.) Too often, that garbage ends up in the water.

Thank goodness there are some amazing volunteers out there that regularly dedicate their free time to cleaning up the spaces that surround our waterways.

In Montreal (Canada) this past weekend, a community organization, called Canal Blue (French for, blue canal), picked up roughly 2 tons of garbage lying around the area surrounding the historic (and awesome in summertime) Lachine Canal.

It was a rainy, chilly Sunday, but the team of 40 local residents-turned-volunteers did it. They took action, and cleaned up their neighborhood. And once all was spick-and-span, they grabbed a few drinks at a local pub.

Now that’s our kinda community.

Any areas of your ‘hood that need a cleanin’?


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