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When the expression “Google that sh*t” has become the de facto answer to just about any question, it’s fair to say Google provides answers to just about anything.

Like why are the Kardashians famous? Or who would win a fight between Batman and Superman? (Clearly the latter. But Bruce over Clark, no doubt!)

Just when we thought Google was unbeatable at what it does, along comes a new kid on the block. As you might know by now, we’re suckers for good causes. While we were digging for good news, we discovered Ecosia.

Like Google, but more trees.

Ecosia is a search engine (basically like Google search) that allows you to plant trees without moving out to the Canadian West.

How so? It works the exact same way any other search engine works, but as a bonus, at least 80% of the revenue from ads featured are spent on a tree-planting program. By switching to Ecosia for your internet-searching needs, you can see (with their Chrome extension) how many trees you’ve personally helped plant in the upper right hand corner of your browser.

Want proof? Oh they’ve got proof. Every month, Ecosia (very transparently) publishes a revenue and donation report as well as regular updates on how their efforts are helping local communities in Madagascar, Peru and Burkina Faso.

And though they’re not a huge company yet, Ecosia has already planted nearly seven million trees — and they ain’t stopping there. Their goal is 1 billion trees by 2020.

We made them our main search engine because the world could use more beautiful, green, atmosphere-cleansing, life-giving trees to hug. Every search helps, and gets that number trending upwards.

Make the switch 🌳🌲

Fun fact >> Our research for this week’s edition helped support the planting of over 40 trees!

Bonus fun fact >> Ecosia is funding a tree-planting foundation in Indonesia that is set out to heal the damages outlined in our next story :)

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