The GOODS #80 / August 8, 2018

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What yogurt and horses have in common

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This week, we’re tapping into energy. All kinds of it ⚡️⚡️


Is there something wrong with that title ☝?

Obviously, it’s a joke.

We all know the expression “good vibes only” (heck, we use it all the time.) But ever stop to figure out what it actually means?

Here’s a little science — The GOODS-style — for ya.

Vibes ➡️ vibrations.

Vibrations ➡️ energy.

Energy ➡️ feels.

Now that our scientific expertise has demonstrated that “vibes” equals “feels”, we can now explore the fascinating world of “feelings.”

Been there, felt that

Some call it bad mojo. Others call it bad juju.

And while some might refer to it all as a bunch of hocus pocus, we all know it’s true because we’ve all felt it.

That awkward, weird feeling inside when we cross paths with someone a little more — say sketchy — on the street. Or when we enter a room and something just feels off.

It’s not easy to explain in scientific terms, but our bodies have a means of sensing our surroundings.

Just like yogurt.
And horses 🐎

Talk about eating our emotions

So this one time…in a documentary we saw about “what’s wrong with our world, and what can we do to make it better?” called I AM (totally worth the few $ it costs to watch on YouTube) we witnessed a pretty cool experiment.

In a lab, a bio-electromagnetic scientist (yes, that’s a thing) took yogurt and hooked it up to a device that would detect changes in energy.

He then asked the director of the doc (Tom Shadyac) to sit in front of the yogurt and think about tough stuff like his divorce and a bunch of other negative feels.

The more he projected bad vibes, the more the yogurt’s bacteria started to react on the bio-response device 😱

Believe it or not, this small experiment proves something: human emotionality creates a energetic field.

Bacteria in yogurt is a living organism, just like you and us. And if Tommy boy’s feelings have an effect on the yogurt, imagine how your mood swings can affect your family, friends or coworkers…

A point Tom makes in many of his interviews is that if we direct negativity towards others, it’ll not only affect them, but it’ll bounce back on us.

And who wants that?
Uh, no one 🙅

Check out this ranch dude

Clearly, this little foal (baby 👶 horse, fyi) can make anyone feel all gooey inside.

But what’s truly amazing about horses is the powerful healing abilities these majestic animals have.

In fact, equine therapy is a real (beautiful) thing with actual (beautiful) results 👌

From horse ranches for kids with special needs in Calgary (Canada) and for troubled teens in Arizona (USA), these types of therapies are popping up everywhere.

And the reason our four-legged friends are ideal candidates for therapy is that they are very intuitive animals — maybe even more than we are.

As one horse-whisperer put it, “when our horses work with people that are struggling inside, whether it’s a physical disability or a mental illness, the horses stay calm and present with them.”

“[The horses] don’t care what your socioeconomic status is, who you are or what you’ve done. They just care how you are with them at that moment.”

Damn. That’s quite the lesson we can all take a hint from.

Something about Kyle

One great example of this kind of special therapy is what happened when a teenaged boy named “Kyle” met some horses.

Kyle was getting into a lot of trouble at school (drugs, fights, etc.)

One day he went to one of these horse ranches to meet up with his counsellor and six horses. Kyle was instructed to go up to the horses, grab their ropes and bring them back to the farm.

As they were approached, every single horse walked away from Kyle. They trotted away because they could feel that Kyle was carrying a little too much of that negative juju.

As his counsellor explained, “there was something about Kyle — his attitude, his intentions, something that made the horses uncomfortable — that was showing up in his body language, and the horses were letting him know. Kyle was angry, and the horses could sense it.

Happy news is, the moment Kyle realized he had to control his emotions, his horse buddies came around to say hi 👋 (figuratively, of course, ha)

Again, this whole energy-feeling thing seems to be something real.

Not sure?

Have a look 👇 at people below that are benefiting (and healing!) from the amazing energies from horses.

Those smiles sure are legit :)

Raw emotion

Who would have thought that horses were so in tune with our feelings?

Humans take note 📝

They’re a great reminder that even the strongest and most powerful animals in nature can be soft, gentle and kind to others.

Maybe it’s a lesson for all of us to horse around a little more. And the next time someone is giving one too many bad vibes, smile 😀 (because you’re amazing), nod and move along with your life.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

We wish you all the best in making the most of you energy this week, and every week. May the force be with you ;)

Keep on puttin’ dem vibes out ✌️️

Much love. All the love 💙

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