This Kid Is Awesome

This little guy threw the first pitch at a Major League game at age 9.

And boy was it ever special.

You see, at age 2, Zion Harvey had his hands and feet amputated due to a bacterial infection. Scary, yes, buuuuuut — thanks to the amazingness of modern, medical science — in 2015, he made history by being the first child to receive a double hand transplant. Incredible, we know.

It took Zion over a year of training and focus to rewire his brain to learn to communicate anew with the limbs he lost years ago.

He’s one a heck of a trooper.

Our main (little) man Zion is a wonderful example of how to be happy with what you’ve got, and, in his own words, “if you’re ever going to give up, try everything first.” So basically never give up. So young. So wise.

The next time you think you can’t do something, stop. Just stop. And remind yourself of what you can do instead. Take a glass half-full approach to life.

You can be sure that Zion will be making the most out of every moment of his life. You should too. High five ;)


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