Zero-Trash. Nada.

Speaking of waste…

Laura Singer (a Brooklynite from NYC) has barely made any for the last 10 years. Apparently, everything in that picture above is the ‘real’ garbage she’s made since 2013. And it all fits in a Mason jar.

How is this possible? Well, she lives a zero-waste life, obviously.

A what life?

As the mind behind Trash is for Tossers, a blog and a YouTube channel with 30 short videos loaded with heaps of useful tips on how to not create waste, Laura knows what’s up when it come to living sustainably.

(Hot tip >> we really like her suggestion on how to compost with a freezer.)

Along with another sustainable superstar, Daniel Silverstein (a fashion designer for zero-waste clothing company making pretty dope stuff), the dynamic duo have just opened up this week a zero-waste pop-up shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (NYC) called Package Free.

Not in NYC anytime soon? No problemo.

These types of stores are popping up everywhere: Vancouver (Canada), Austin (USA), London (UK), Berlin (Germany) are just some of the hip spots where you can bring in your own bags and mason jars to buy all the essentials, like kale and goji berries.

It might take a little longer for the big food retailers to adopt similar standards, so until they do, the best thing you can do is at least bring your reusable bags.

Or even better yet, seek out alternative stores in your ‘hood to where you normally buy your stuff.

Or even better than better (yes it’s possible), channel your inner entrepreneur and start your own package free shop. Come on, do it! ♻


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