$1.6 Billion Lottery: The Next Day:

Why losing the lottery is a great opportunity

I didn’t win. I’m pretty certain you didn’t either. No the clouds of heaven did not part for us. God’s glorious hand did not stretch down and tap us with his magic stick of luck. We, unfortunately (or fortunately) were not fated to beat the astronomical odds.

Not to worry though, there will be plenty more chances to toss our hard-earned cash into the proverbial hat and dream.

And this is the part that matters….dreaming.

Too often we get caught up in fulfilling life’s shoulds. We forget that once, a long time ago perhaps, we were dreamers. Yes, we had plans. We had things we loved and ideas we knew would change the world…or at the very least make life an awesome place to be.

Along comes a billion dollar lottery and finally those dreams, like the old socks hiding under your bed, shake their dust off and creep their way out from the shadows. Friends and family start to ask, “If you won what would you do?”

So now, as the fervor fades, I ask you that very question, “If you had won what would you do?”

You’ve already been thinking about it for a few days, so it should come fairly easy. And I urge you, take this chance right now to write it down, as much as you can remember. If you don’t it’ll be gone and you’ll have lost a wonderful opportunity to glimpse the life you truly desire.

Then when you’ve got it down, think about it, I mean really think about it, reconnect with it. Pick out a few things you can work on and then be strong enough to make those little changes in your life that will get you closer to the vision you just had of the life that you really want.

You didn’t win, but you may have just gotten something back that is worth far more.

Cheers & Good luck!