Cutting Edge Dentistry- Volume 1

Advantages of Computer Guided Dental Implant Surgery as compared to Traditional Dental Implant Surgery

This slice in the CT Scan depicts that though implant is needed in the molar area, as maxillary sinuses are large and not enough bone is available to place implants without doing sinus grafting

  1. Restoration driven. (We do our best to always preserve your tooth)

2. CT Scan integrated with software such as Nobel Clinician allows us to place implants virtually, utilizing maximum bone that is ideal for the location of the teeth. It also guides us in the quality of the bone at that location.

3. By using this technology, there’s almost negligible risk of cutting the nerves and invading the sinus cavities.

4. Fabrication of surgical guide based on the planning negates the need for larger incisions and gum reflection*. Thereby increasing the success of the implants as more blood supply is available to them.

5. The healing process is much faster because the gums are not reflected away from the bone

6. MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE as soft tissues are not reflected.

7. Very little to no down time.

8. Excellent results and higher success rate!

*Gum reflection- Surgical process used to move gums away from the bone for better visualization. With the technology that we use, we can avoid this and the patient is much more comfortable as no nerves and blood vessels are cut.