♠ Cheqd AMA Transcript ♠

♠ Segment 1 — Introduction Segment ♠

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
Q1. Could you please Introduce yourself to the community?

Hi, I’m Fraser -> CEO although really I just try and stay out of the way of our amazing team as they smash stuff out!

In terms of history, I was recently the lead of the Known Traveller Digital Identity project (ktdi.org) working with the world economic forum and the Dutch and Canadian governments on self-sovereign ID

Before that I worked on the Jasper Ubin project between the Canadian and Singaporean central banks.

Here's that paper from the central bank stuff:

And if anyone fancies trying to read a seriously dull patent, here you go: https://patents.google.com/patent/US20210133738A1/en?q=cryptologic&inventor=Fraser+Edwards&oq=Fraser+Edwards+cryptologic

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
Lemme take a look



I'm Tobias (but everyone calls me Toby) and I'm the Head of Partnerships at cheqd! I've had senior leadership positions in top start-ups from Oxford University's Computer Science department and the wider Oxford ecosystem and I've also founded start-ups powered by Oxford University Innovation and the European Space Agency. I'm working on partnerships with Crpyto (NFT marketplaces, wallet providers and more), onboarding self-sovereign identity vendors to our network, and supporting Fraser with all kinds of cool stuff we're up to in terms of exchanges and DEXs! cheqd

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
We have pro people here

We certainly hope so!

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
Excited for more details!!!!

Time to explore CHEQD!!!!

Q2. We are so curious about Cheqd! please tell us about Cheqd in detail.

I think the best place to start, is we're building the network for self-sovereign identity. SSI is the model on the right where each person holds their own data and controls who they receive and share to

What that means is no more passwords, reusable KYC and a bunch of other use cases

Here is what we're building. We're building out the payment rails and commercial models for identity

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
So it's more easy peasy now!?

That's the hope!!

It's all about giving people back their data, privacy and control as well as making things much easier from a user perspective

And also as Jamie Burke, the CEO from Outlier Ventures said of cheqd: "You can't have a decentralised web (web 3.0) without decentralised identity at scale" - and thats exactly what we're bringing - decentralised identity at scale!

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
Okay so let's see what strategies you have in stock for marketing

Cheqd deserves to reach the crowd!!

Q3. What are the Long Term Marketing plans of Cheqd?

One for our head of marketing, Eduardo!

SSI has been terrible at marketing itself as a technology

We;'re really hoping that the token can be a route to broad awareness and adoption

How many other cryptos can get rid of passwords, allow for re-usable KYC, not having to update passwords anymore, no registration forms

Plus with more awareness, the idea and tech will really take off!

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:

Mr. Grey | The Grey CryptoHub:
Awesome guys seriously 😍

Here's the whole answer:

Our marketing strategy is based around two main areas, community and content. We’re working on creating easy to understand content for our community. This includes infographics and videos, in fact we’re going to start an infographic on our use cases very soon, so make sure to join our Telegram group https://t.me/cheqd to be able to participate.

On the community side, we try to make it fun, engaged, and informative. We run competitions quite often, from memes, to stickers, to infographics. We also look to reward our early group members… we’re still in early days, so again, make sure to join.

We’re quite transparent and we answer everything that is asked in our group, which is appreciated by the community. Finally, we’re quite lucky to have a very informed and engaged community, they’ve been ‘recruiting new members’ and our organic growth has been great.

From Eduardo!

He was typing it into slack so I can send it aha

So some background typing and some frantic copying and pasting from me

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
This one is totally #headofmarketingstyle

#CEOtouch is also there

Mr. Grey | The Grey CryptoHub:
Hahah loved your way!

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
Okay so lemme read the detailed one

CEO touch as in blindly copying and pasting our teams content?

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
Lol its for making the conversation so smooth and involving the team in the session

Oh have to, I don't have the answers the teams do!

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
So are there any competitions running at the moment which you'd like to share

Or any planned for future!?

Going to have to copy and paste some content from Eduardo again here

From Eduardo:

Hi, not at the moment, we just recently ran a meme competition. We’re planning to kick off a infographics and dynamic/animated sticker pack competition next week.

And some more:

Oh, and we’re also thinking in having a scavenger hunt since we’re participating in a few AMAs and podcasts. Find our Easter Egg type of hunt.

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
Stay tuned Grey Community!! There's a looottt of great stuff

Also cheers to the great one

We got from the Marketing head!


♠ Segment 2 — Twitter Segment ♠

Mr. Grey | The Grey CryptoHub:
First question from twitter

cheqd is a network for creating digital credential companies. I wonder, how could cheqd in this case be of great help to countries in crisis under dictatorship where it is difficult to get a legal credential to open their businesses without being limited by the government?

From @Iec_Ghram

Wow, great question and wayyyyyy different to ones we've had before

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
+1 to the Grey Community!

Thats a great question! So self-soveriegn identity (SSI) as a decentralised identity is made up of key SSI vendors in the space. Some focus on enterprise verticals (like pharama, finance etc...) but also some like Tykn focus on stateless subjects, refugees and citizens around the world who are in need of a digital identity to access services, bank accounts, health care. We're in advanced discussions with Tykn to bring them on to our network and are also in disucssions with human rights lawyers in Kuwait, to potential enter a multi-stakehodler partnership to help the Bidoon out there. So SSI has use-cases that can assist these cases, and our network can accelerate SSI adoption globally, which in turn benefits the millions of people around the world needing a digital ID

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
Some great strategies I must say!

Mr. Grey | The Grey CryptoHub:
Second question from twitter

I read that #Cheqd is built on top of the Cosmos network. Why and how you decided to join the Cosmos ecosystem? i think, It is not possible for a network to solve all problems. are you planning to build the Cheqd project on other Blockchain, like Polkadot and BSC as well?

From @JohnHick23

We went in to pretty good detail here:

We also are thinking about wrapping our token to UniSwap and potentially other blockchains like Cardano.... But we can't give timelines, but we are talking to the right peeps!

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
I'll read this complete article after the session

Mr. Grey | The Grey CryptoHub:
Fantastic 💫

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
But yeah just took an overview

Broadly it came down to speed to market, the benefit of cosmos was:
- native token
- High throughput and speed
- Decentralised governance
- support from custodians, exchanges (CEX and DEX)
And open source projects we could work with

We looked at polkadot, solana, stellar, ethereum, ion and others and none could match it

WE;ll have built a layer 1 inside 8 months using the cosmos sdk, we couldn't have done that with the others

Longer term, we're looking to branch out over multiple ledgers so we become completely pervasive, so a cross-ledger, cross-industry, cross-country payment rail

Mr. Grey | The Grey CryptoHub:
Third question from twitter

Can you tell us about your team members? are they qualified and professional in their fields? what are the recruiting qualifications for team members for your extraordinary project? thank you....Is your project listed on coingecko and coinmarketcap or not???

From @truongtran0305

Oh this is an easy for us, love our team!

Here's everyone's happy smiley faces

here's some of us at Elina's art exhibition:

And here are our profiles:

Fraser Edwards (CEO), Fraser was Delivery lead for Known Traveller Digital Identity (KTDI.org) a self sovereign identity project for international travel with the World Economic Forum, Dutch and Canadian governments. Fraser has patents in cross-ledger payments. Fraser is ex-Accenture blockchain. (https://www.linkedin.com/in/edwardsfraser/)

Ankur Banerjee (CTO), Ankur co-invented the hyperledger blockchain automation framework and spent time as disruptive tech lead for the Accenture Fintech accelerator, before joining IDWorks followed by R3 on shorter contracts. Ankur is ex-Accenture blockchain. (https://www.linkedin.com/in/banerjeeankur/)

Tobias Halloran (Head of Partnerships), , Tobias has had senior leadership positions in top start-ups from Oxford University's Computer Science department and the wider Oxford eco-system. He has also founded start-ups powered by Oxford University Innovation and the European Space Agency. He has seven years experience as a start-up operator in strategy, strategic partnerships and BD. (https://www.linkedin.com/in/tobiashalloran/)

Javed Khattak (CFO): Javed is an award-winning C-suite executive, a qualified actuary and a serial entrepreneur who has led multi-billion dollar funds/projects and successful ventures. He has advised governments, central banks and global brands like PwC, GSK, M&S, HSBC, and Thomson Reuters. Javed has the valuable experience of structuring and scaling blockchain products. He also brings passion for the transformational nature of blockchain technology as we build DeFi identity that underpins digital and real-world interactions. (https://www.linkedin.com/in/javedkhattak/)

Alex Tweeddale (Governance Lead): An enterprising professional with a unique skillset in the intersection between law and decentralised identity ecosystems. Alex has led ground-breaking identity projects across multiple roles, including work with tier-1 pharmaceutical companies and financial services, as well as the US Department of Homeland Security on the use of verifiable credentials for tracing products across the eCommerce supply chain. Alex is also a notable contributor to SSI community initiatives such as Trust over IP and the Covid Credentials Initiative. (https://www.linkedin.com/in/alex-tweeddale/)

Eduardo Hotta (Head of Marketing): Eduardo is a branding and demand generation expert, and has led successful marketing teams in several industries, including data analytics, cyber security, and marketing automation. (https://www.linkedin.com/in/hotta/)

Ross Power (Operations Lead): Ross brings a unique blend of people, product and operations experience. He’s been a leading figure in delivering blockchain and distributed ledger products (DLT) from strategy & innovation to live production products. Ross has a keen interest in the employee experience and the Future of Work. He is eager to pioneer new and emerging ways of working that respect individual preferences, create a strong company culture, strengthen connections, and build, test and scale products as efficiently as possible. He is also passionate about financial inclusion and engaging with marginalised communities, which have been underserved with existing systems and technologies. Ross is excited to immerse himself in the world of self-sovereign identity fully. Ross is ex-Accenture. (https://www.linkedin.com/in/rosspower11/)

Elina Yumasheva (Communications lead): Elina Yumasheva is a purpose-driven marketing and communications professional who brings a unique blend of technology and sustainability knowledge. As a dynamic and performance-driven innovator, Elina strives to increase revenue and business growth. She has a track record in developing communication strategies, product positioning, analysing market trends, managing projects, and leading teams. With over ten years of experience in the corporate sustainability and technology sector, Elina has worked with the largest global brands, leading NGOs and governments. She is committed to making a positive impact on the world through her professional

activities. (https://www.linkedin.com/in/elinayumasheva/)

We hope we know what we're talking about!

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
The team is definitely one of the strengths


We really hope so!

Mr. Grey | The Grey CryptoHub:
Fourth question from twitter

Can you list 2-3 killer features of Your Project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?

From @Hoan26571098

The first I'd say is probably easily accessible common and public infrastructure

Most SSI blockchain ID projects are private permissioned, and we want to change this to public permissionless.

Our core hypothesis is that self-sovereign identity needs commercial models that accelerate its adoption. Having worked in SSI for 3-4 years, there aren't really any viable projects that have made business models happen yet... which is why we started cheqd!

We’re providing a common and public infrastructure easily accessible to anyone and any organisation with payment rails between issuers, holders, and receivers of trusted data.

Our competitive advantage comes from the following:
Standards, compliance and interoperability focus
Unlike a lot of other projects, we have deep expertise in digital identity, and working with large trustworthy organisations and governments. I worked on international travel with the World Economic Forum; and Ankur, our CTO, worked with the UK govt and banks on digital ID.
A lot of other projects are not compatible with the technical and legal standards for how private data should be handled, and we're working very closely with the community to make sure ours is compliant - and therefore have better adoption

Finally, I'd say our revenue model is unique in multiple ways.

- We help individuals regain control of their data and their privacy by putting them at the centre of the identity ecosystem.

- We help companies monetise self-sovereign identity so that they can adopt the new paradigm whilst staying viable, profitable and ultimately more successful. Within companies:

- For data issuers, we create a recurring revenue stream for whenever data is used without them needing to process it.

- For data receivers, we help lower their costs since data is digital, trustable and re-usable.

Realise that's quite a few when you ask for 3!

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
Hehe yeah!!

Mr. Grey | The Grey CryptoHub:
Fifth question from twitter

What is your project's business plan? So, how does it work? Could you tell us about the advantages of this model for both crypto and non-crypto investors?
What are your target markets and who are your potential customers?


We have three main revenue streams:

- Token rewards / fees off the network through staking
- Revenue through enterprise licensing
- Services such as commercial and governance advice

The benefit for us and the community is it means we're hedged for any bear market since we'll have some fiat revenue coming in to support us

Our target markets are essentially global - we do partnerships with self-sovereign identity vendors around the world, bring them onboard our network and they bring their large customers on to the network! That's the beauty of cheqd and our partnership strategy, we provide the payment rails and act as the infrastructure of identity for all particpents in the cheqd ecosystem! We also do partnerships with CCrypto and Defi projects, and bring their ecosystems to the network, to create more business, fees, and transactions. All this drives our token utility! And the great news is, this is just the beginning!

And here comes Toby's answer

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:


♠ Segment 3 — Live Segment ♠

1)What are the key milestones on your roadmap - both things you have already achieved and things that we can look forward to? Any partnerships and short/long term technical milestones that you want to talk about or bring some attention to?

Great question Lucy! We've hit some great milestones onboarding key node operators to our testnet, and we're currently opening up in outreach and inbound strategies to self-soveriegn identity vendors and well known validators from the Cosmos ecosystem. We're also working towards partnerships with NFT market places, wallet providers and other key projects primariliy in Cosmos and then moving to other blockchains. And our technical roadmap is being driven by best practises as we've got a unicorn level CTO (Ankur Banerjee). What that means in practise is we're getting feedback from our partners about how to define our product and solving difficult technical challenges to attract the right vendors.

2)I want to invest to your project. Where i buy your token? Is it available on any exchange and what are the benefits?

Thanks Shahid, this is the million dollar question! I'd recommend everyone who wants to be notified of our token release to join our telegram group. That's where we will announe which DEXs we're listing on, and which CEXs. What I can tell you is we're in conversations with major tier 2 exchanges (all your favorites) and also DEXs on Cosmos. We're also figuring out how in the future we could create a wrapped toekn to UniSwap and other exciting blockchain communties!

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:

Do join everyone

3)I could not find your project whitepaper . Have you released it yet or not? How can I get more information about your project and what are your important social media links ?

We actually have this information on our open sourced GitHub (which inlcudes our code and recently our released governance framework) and also our publicly accessible documents can for now inform all of you on the direction we're heading!

4)What are the use cases for SSI in Crypto? Can SSI use for proving the ownership of an NFT? #Greyteam

There are many amazing use-cases for SSI in Crypto! Great question! We're currently in talks with leading self-soverieng identity providers who focus solely on authenticating NFTs and proving provdence. This is a huge market and the great thing about cheqd's network is, we can bring NFT market places to our network, and onboard them as partners to work with our SSI community to ensure NFTs are authentic and this really cool part of the Crypto ecosystem stays growing as fast as it is!

5)The community is one of the drivers for the progress of the project, because I think the community will work hard to support the progress of the project to be successful. So does the #CHEQD project think that a community is so important? And does the #CHEQD project need some input or suggestions and ideas from the community? And how does the community play a role (work) to help the #CHEQD project progres and be successful? Can you explain?

Hi all - 👋. I’m a bit late to the party. Covering for Fraser as he had to join a very important meeting.

We do believe community is extremely important, as it can help us have an extremely successful launch. We also believe that the community can demand companies to focus more on giving privacy and data back to their users.

We always welcome feedback and ideas from the community, and we actually listen. A good example is how we decided what would be the name of our subdivision. We asked our community what they suggested, and they said we should use the International System of Units (SI) and that’s what we did (our smallest unit is called nanocheq). So yes, please send us your ideas and feedback we take them all onboard.

The community plays a role by inviting people they know to join, educate people on privacy and how the current system is broken, and push companies to give them their data back.

♠ Segment concluded ♠

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
Again it went really smooth

We got some detailed answers

Really appreciate your dedication towards cheqd @EHotta @tobiasmfh @dubious_pip

Before we conclude the session any last message you want to convey to the Grey Community!?

Thanks so so much for having us!

Thanks for having us!!!! It was great!

Great great questions !

Thank you so much for having us. I jumped in for just a minute, but please let me invite your community to:

⭐️ Join our Telegram Group: https://t.me/cheqd
⭐️ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/cheqd_io
⭐️ Visit our website: https://www.cheqd.io
⭐️ Read our blog: https://blog.cheqd.io
⭐️ Watch our videos: http://cheqd.link/youtube
⭐️ CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/cheqd/

And, sign up for a cool surprise right after this AMA here: https://www.cheqd.io/l/get-ready

If you join us now, you’ll be joining us very early so please invite your contacts too!

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
Check it out Grey Community!!!

Thankyou so much everyone for joining us today

Mr. Grey | The Grey CryptoHub:
Special thanks to @EHotta and @tobiasmfh for such an informative session.




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Welcome to the World of Crypto Addicts !! ♠️ Dm for ♠️ - AMAs - Advertisements - Promotions ♠️TG Group : https://t.me/thegreycryptohub

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