The Privacy Revolution That Never Came
Mo Bitar

Thanks for writing this Mo. We need more privacy awareness, not only in developers but people in general, so that they can vote with their wallets, and choose apps with secure design.

My favorite example of secure software is KeePass which is an offline Password manager. I had been recommending 1Password (just to get people make the initial switch), but since the recent Cloudbleed incident, that too seems dangerous. You risk your most private information when it is transferred on a network (and that too the Internet!). Keepass whereas stores everything offline (encrypted). You have Keepass clients, for multiple platforms, and modern features like browser auto fill.

Which brings me to syncing your Keepass copies on those multiple devices. You could use a service like Dropbox, or Drive. But a local (and better) alternative would be Syncthing. The setup is not the easiest, but you are assured your data is owned by you, and not sitting on anybody’s server. Oh and you could use Syncthing for syncing any type of files (I use it to transfer photos from my phone to computer).

So, Keepass + Syncthing = your local secure synced password manager :)