Our Pretentiousness to be funny

We pretend to know and do a lot of things to keep us a little more sophisticate and sane in someone else’s book, we joke all day around and act like arrogant jerk just to cover up our insecurity, No one is funny by nature no one is that clumsy, maybe the entire situation is a charade he put up, maybe each mistake he made is intentional, maybe he is just trying to bury the casket of his feelings under the soil of candy coated lies.

We try to hard to be funny, we try to hard to look stupid sometimes, and the reason is we would rather let someone think of us as a fool then know our real identity, maybe this is the reason why most masks are of laughing person, everyone who smiles too much or laughs too much is well aware that what others are thinking, but he never abandons the act, he takes it to his grave and dies smiling too. Every now and then he forgets to act, he looses his patience, he fails to be funny and forgiving.

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