Parenting by someone who ain’t one.

Kids today are like signature dishes of a Michelin star restaurant carefully curated by their “parents” to end up where all food does….*Flush noise*

Earlier the children were victims of substandard involvement of there parents in their lives and pretty much rowed their own boat.

But today the children are being raised to live a second class imitation of someone else’s idea of life.

Well, all parents have great expectations, which is justified, but they shouldn’t sound like “I want my offspring to eat what I hated, study what I loathed, and do something which she/he will hate for the rest of their life”. Children are already born naked into this world and last thing they need is to be strippped of the control of their lives.

If a kid starts speaking early does not mean he is going to be scientist…It probably means he wants be singer, if a kid likes reading does not mean he is gonna be a scientist….It probably means he is going to be a writer, if a kids understands how circuits work doesn’t mean he is going to be a scientist… it means he wants to become a terrorist and make bombs for them (kidding). The point is, it means nothing, we just tend to see gold in the diapers of a one year old, just because it is our one year old.

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