Performing under pressure

No, I am not talking about taking a leak in the washroom, I am talking about taking a leak while your manager carefully watches you, and judges “it”.

Isn’t not crumbling under pressure a testament to one’s leadership quality ? But the problem is that not everyone is born a leader, some are born a cookie, they crumble.

What about creativity then ? We can’t conjure innovation and art on demand. We ain’t google search. False. We can, and we have been doing it since millenias, we invented Nuclear weapons under a threat of war, we reached moon when U.S. thought the Soviets were gonna do it first, we invented microwaves for German soldiers during the World War, we invented “Sales” when the food in the stores was about to go bad. We come up with innovation under pressure, innovation is a byproduct of necessity.

We don’t complain about “too much” pressure in a jacuzzi, Do we ? No. We complain about it when the elastic is too tight.

When there is no pressure, we burst, literally.

So both literally and metaphorically we need pressure to live, if we didn’t have pressure to get results all the proctologists would practically be sex offenders.

Now comes the classic “Exam Pressure” for kids. Well, they need to know that there is a kid in Africa who doesn’t know that paper could be used for something other than wrapping the “food” they occasionally get with. So yeah, your entrance exam with three sections, which is gonna help you get a degree, a job, a sustainable life with health insurance, an apartment and a Netflix subscription is….important, I think I missed my point here. But still failure in that exam could be compensated with success in another, and to be honest no one really wants to hire someone who cannot handle an exam :)

And the pressure to be thin or slim or whatever? it’s sad the pressure is not literal here, as things would have been easier than (okay it was a bad joke).

I don’t know how to handle pressure without a barometer, but what I do know is that we need it, we need a sword hanging, we need a barrel of gun facing us for us to defecate something which under pressure becomes a fuel.

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