The curse of keen insight

Well here I am talking about wit, the sharpest tool in our arsenal, if pen is mightier than sword, then the wit is the Weapon of mass Destruction in that respect. Formal definition say:Wit is quick keen understanding using it to innovate something with humour. But I would say, wit is a pen in the shape of a knife which never fails to kill someone.

In good hands we can use wit to carve out the Taboo from the real world and manage to cater it to the conservatives. It is just a play with words its l- like taking a dump in the toilet and not flushing it, It is gross, but it is real, we cannot deny its presence …but still……….GROSS.

A good wit never fails to amuse the wielder, or his followers, but the witness and victims are left with wounds which not event time can heal, because they are pathetic people with little tiny ego (if you know what I mean)

We never fail to flatter ourselves with our boundless shitty pretentiousness, and that starlit AMAZING impossible promises. We all are just kids with stupid dreams that we will never achieve (If you failed at something in your life it is your fault, Lol) Yes you are just a piece of lying miserable jerk who gets inspired by a piece of quote said by some awesome dude. But what we forget is that the quote has nothing to do with you, you just like to associate to yourself with the great things but are too STUPID and LAME to do anything on your own, remember the time when your mother used to feed you ?? Remember ?? Guess what.. you were more productive then, as NO contribution is better than ZERO contribution (which you do now).

BTW that was an example… not of wit but something IDK (it hurts because it is true Lol), if any of it offended you, well I don’t care as long as it did not offend you enough to kill me (in that case I am dead so I don’t care again).

But there is wit which is positive, lets call it satire this uses humour to create awareness of something very important, but I am not gonna talk about it as it boring and I want to write something fun.

Lets talk about insulting people again, we need it daily so might as well learn to do it more efficiently. The key to a good insult is making sure it hurts, and is true, because nothing hurts more than truth…except for Justin Beiber song and being kicked in between the legs (for guys only, I have been told women don’t feel anything). Yeah we need to make people’s life miserable and leave no opportunity, but we should only use words, guns are illegal for now (Plus Guns leave a lot of blood and it is messy to clean afterwards).

We also need to learn to not being offended by someone, because you might not be good enough to insult someone but there is a very good chance someone else might do it to you, the key to being unoffendable is raise your standards

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