The Extremes of our society

Well we have formalised and dehumanised our behaviour over the past few decades ever since our interaction with world has increased, some of us are very formal and would never utter something that will even touch someone's intellect. Some are apathetic and consider being formal as a sin, these are hypocrites they expect karma to clean up others mess, and will be upset of something ever happens to them. But that’s not my point my point is how screwed up we are when there is Innovation taking place outside in the real world in past in present and in future.

Now there are always exceptions, the ones we read about, the fictional characters, the protagonists. These men will have their soul ripped out in front of public and will not shed a tear, they will have their dreams shattered and will not exhibit hesitation, these men can only be written and idolised, it not possible to become one of them, they don’t have blood running in their veins they have the ink of the script they are living. These men live the most boring daily routine, they only know diligence, they cannot lie, they cannot win because they are to kind too cheat, they just cast a shadow on a wall when there is no sun because that’s just how bright the halo behind them is.

We have never been able to be a fraction of them, but still we associate ourselves with them..well because we are too self important. We see a guy struggling and say in our mind “I know what he is going through”, the truth is we don’t, we just like attention but we are too cowards to take the spotlight, we are that little kid who says “Newton was lucky to have born so early to discover all of those things”. We sit on our comfortable little chairs and have the luxury of judging the brightest. We know too little and pretend too much.

Sometimes a person can annoy us and we fail to know the reason behind it, the reason is we fail to argue him/her we fail to understand them, and we all are scared of things we cannot understand, we judge them we criticise them, but we do it behind their backs or just in our heads because deep down we know it is a charade and thus we fail to speak upfront.

Our thoughts fail to cloud our judgement, we try to be nice to someone and at the last moment end up saying something funny (to us) and manage to ruin someone’s funeral (Tip: Don’t crack jokes at funeral). But maybe that’s just me most people would choose to remain silent in formal situations, some are will speak up and take the baton, and some people (like me) would try to not ruin someone’s day. Wit is

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