We failed our elders…..

I walk my way to home everyday its a small 15 minute walk, Today was a little different….

An old man called out to me from his gate. I was a little afraid to answer at first but I decided to hear him out. I went up to him at his gate and he took out his bottle of lemon soda and asked me I could open it up for him. When I gripped the cap my hands trembled a little bit, I slowly opened it up for him and continued my way home. I could hear him saying “Thanks”while I was leaving, and I was trying not to cry.

How much courage and helplessness must have engulfed that old man to ask a passer by to do such a menial favour. I thought “Will my parents end up the same way in my absence ?, Does everyone at his stage goes through such misery and helplessness” , maybe these people don’t need the finanical aide we think they need, they need something far more limited an scarce, these people need someone to help them, someone who would not let them realize how fragile they have become.

We often jokingly make our parents realize how old or incompetent they have become through small sentences like “Leave it, you won’t be able to do that”. Maybe these words tear them apart a little bit, the same person who taught us how to use a spoon now fails to do it for himself due shaky hands, aren't we obligated to help them ? Have we become so insensitive that we can’t empathise with someone else and rather feel exasperated when they need us.

We often think how kind and generous we are and how terrific parents or teacher will we make for our kids or a generation in general but we often forget to become even a mediocre student or child, for the previous generation.

Today we question Euthanasia for the terminally ill, tomorrow we will question it for the terminally aged.

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