We need a weird story

All of us have too much crap to deal with on an hourly basis and things can get bloody if we didn’t do something about it.

Daily we go through the same crappy, mundane, tear jerking, redundant, repeat-telecast life of ours around the clock to make an extra buck so that we can continue doing this forever. We no longer have the luxury to scribble an imaginary fairy tale and put ourselves as the protagonist in it…. NOPE. Our life is not a Blockbuster we dreamt it to be, it is crappy episode of a even crappier daily Soap.

We grew up and we don’t look for god anymore, we look for a bottle. The bottle is half empty just like our inside.

Our life has an epic stage but the most horrible script. We have the pen to make changes in it, but we lack the guts to a write on that brand new paperback the universe just gave us, and we decided to shove it up our ass like a rectal thermometer.

This drop dead gorgeous earth was designed for us to dance and enact the most beautiful musical in the history of broadway, and yet we settle for a second hand, un-rehearsed, community theatre prop show.

A safe secure comfortable life impresses no one. We dont need to die without being in the newspapers.

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