We should die alone.

Well feeling lonely is normal, it has a positive effect, it reminds us how pathetic we are that no one wants to ever be with us and we are going to die alone while no one shows up at our funeral (I think it got pretty weird pretty soon, sorry about that).

Don’t worry, no one is alone in this world, God is always with us. Just kidding he doesn’t care about you either. Haha kidding again there is no god (probably) and you are all alone.

But lets get think about why we are scared when we are all alone in the house and there is a sound of door squeaking downstairs. but you have to go get a glass of water , the stairs are too dark, the room is too cold and strangely silent, and when you close the fridge and turn around there is nothing….there is no point of this story, it is just here to scare someone incase he/she is reading at night. Back to the topic.

But isn’t being alone the whole point of existence ….NOPE IT’S.. SO NOT.
The human species survived so many millennia as being the apex in food chain because of our ability to collaborate. Yes we are the jerks of the food chain that brought its parents to a school fight.

But when it comes to introspection or achieving something or doing something that requires insight we need to be lone wolves in the forest of BLAH BLAH whatever…you get the point. My dreams cannot be achieved as a group, but mine is to be e a dictator of earth or whatever BUT still our dreams are ours alone unless it is to fulfil someone else’s dream (Very stupid dream tbh).

We need to learn to walk alone in the streets, but not the ones behind an opera house because that’s where Batman’s parents got killed. We cannot let the idea we have fade away just because it required us to work hard alone without family or friends. It’s sad when on Facebook when we write things like “Good Morning Friends feeling blessed with XYZ (Asshole) and 43 others (equally pathetic parasites) , Its reasons like this that evolution created puking. Why cant you just brush your teeth when you wake up.

However there is an upside of company, in case a beast attacks and you are faster than your “friend” you are probably safe. But still you will have to run alone again, so this point “against being alone” was actually for “being alone”. Looks like having friends can come handy again. Moral of the story, only go to a forest with the friends you can outrun (You can see animals in the Zoo instead, but whatever).

We often put up quotes like “Being alone is addicting”, No it’s not, it never has been, and never will be, so stop drooling with your pretentious wisdom when people are collectively ignoring you.

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