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Jul 3, 2018 · 3 min read

The majority of successful entrepreneurs acknowledge that much of their success is down to educating themselves.

They set themselves daily targets for reading, watching or listening to educational YouTube videos, masterclasses etc.

They diarise these times; they often create a special space for reading.

I listen to YouTube videos for at least 5 hours per week when walking the dogs and another 5 hours whilst driving the car or travelling on the train. That’s 10 hours of education per week, 500 hours per year

I truly believe that reading and listening to good quality material gives you a form of hindsight. You could even call it retrospective hindsight. Consuming the lives of others will give you the benefit of their experiences to a degree.

I will state with conviction that over 50% of my mistakes in the first 10 years of business would have been avoided if I had had read more of the books in our suggested reading list. I would conservatively put the cost of those mistakes at over £10million.

We have compiled a reading list for you:

· Mindset- Dr Carol Dwek

· How to win friends and Influence People-Dale Carnegie

· The Power of Positive Thinking — Norman Vincent Peale

· The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People — Stephen Covey

· The E Myth — Michael Gerber

· The Richest Man in Babylon — George C. Clason

· Leaders Eat Last- Simon Sinek

· Find Your Why-Simon Sinek

· The Bankers Code — George Antone

· The Wealth Code — George Antone

· Mind & Emotions — George Zelucki (Seminar recording)

· Rich Dad, Poor Dad — Robert Kiyosaki

· Feel the Fear and do it anyway — Susan Jeffers

· The Mac Anderson series of books

· Goals — Zig Ziglar

· Law of Attraction — Esta Hicks

· The Best Year Ever — Jim Rohn

· The Art of Exceptional Living — Jim Rohn

· The Automatic Millionaire — David Bach

· The Way of the Peaceful Warrior — Dan Milman

· The Power of Now — Ekhart Tolle

· The Cashflow Quadrant — Rober Kiyosaki

· How to have a super power memory — Harry Lorraine

· Think & Grow Rich — Napoleon Hill

· The Slight Edge — Jeff Olson

· Daring Greatly — Brené Brown

· Five Pieces to The Life Puzzle’ — Jim Rohn.

· The New Case for Gold — James Rickards

· The Magic of Thinking Big — David J. Schwartz

· Living an Abundant Life — Sandy Foster

· Breaking the Habit Of Being Yourself — Dr Joe Dispenza

· The Secret — Rhonda Byrne

· As A Man Thinketh — James Allen

· You Were Born Rich — Bob Proctor

· Beermat Entrepreneur — Mike Southern

· You Are A Badass — Jen Sincero

· Outwitting the Devil — Napoleon Hill

· The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*uk — Mark Manson

· The Motivation Manifesto — Brendan Burchard

· The Compound Effect — Darren Hardy

· The Laptop Millionaire — Mark Anastasi

· Think Yourself Rich — Joseph Murphy

· Dare to Dream Work to Win — Dr Tom Barrett

· The Language of Letting Go — Melody Beattie

· More Language of Letting Go — Melody Beattie

· The millionaire Mindset — T Harv Eker

· Money and the Law of Attraction — Esther and Jerry Hick

· FU Money- Dan Lok

“All readers are not leaders, yet all leaders are readers”. Harry Truman.

Educating yourself is not the only crucial factor in both personal and business growth. If you and your business are in the position where you’d like to grow but are maybe unsure about how to do so, please don’t hesitate in asking for help. The Growth Gurus are experienced in both personal and business growth.

You can contact me on 0333 577 2289 or

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