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Jul 11, 2018 · 2 min read

Having your fingers in too many pies at start-up or growth stage is detrimental for your business. Expanding into multiple new markets simultaneously is also a high-risk strategy to be avoided.

Stay focused on two things;

✶ what services or products that sells best now and

✶ what will sell well in the future.

The amount you focus on each of these will depend on a number of factors. If it’s just you, then you will need to spend 80% plus of your time focusing on what sells today and 20% on the future. Once you have a sales team backed up by your delivery people, you should switch this around. Your team focus 100% on what sells today and you focus on what sells in the future. Once you have refined what will sell in the future you can then train your current sales team or even recruit more sales team and let them focus on this product or service.

Expanding your sales volume is critical for growth however focused, targeted sales channels will ensure you maximise your revenue, reduce stresses, reduce costs and reduce risk.

To many small business founders, try to sell through too many channels and fail at them all. Pick just a few and dig deep into these channels.

At growth stage, focus on what sells best and move away from what doesn’t; this is a key ingredient in ensuring that you maintain or increase growth expectations. It’s also great idea to innovate into niches that will help your core business grow.

Don’t get hung up on continuing to sell product that you started with, just because that was your first product! Do you see Apple selling, Ipods anymore?

Lose the ego and sell what your client’s actually want rather than sell them what you want them to buy.

Is your business growing? Do you want to grow but don’t know how to? The Growth Gurus can help. It’s great to have a team beside you.

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