The Four Steps to Achieving Goals…

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Jun 27, 2018 · 5 min read

Author; David Hargreaves, the chief guru, principle ‘dreamer’, daddy to two little girls and the walker of the office dogs at The Growth Gurus.

I love it when a business model is broken down to its simplest, clearest essence.

That’s why I wanted to break down what it takes to reach goals in just a few sentences.

Because once you’ve grasped the essence of something, and once you have committed this to your sub conscious it becomes a part of you. It’s becomes yours — and no one can take it away.

So after meeting literally hundreds of business owners, I’ve come to the following conclusion concerning success…

I believe the consistent, planned achievement of success can be boiled down to doing just 4 things:

– Committing to a defined Goal

– Set Up Your Step-by-Step Plan for Reaching

That Goal

– Taking Action EVERY Day on the goal

– And Then Letting the Outcome just happen

That’s it. No matter what your aspirations are, I believe if you simply and consistently do those four things, you will reach each of your goals, one by one.

Let’s take a look at these in order.

First, you’ve must have a defined goal.

You can’t arrive to your destination if you don’t know what your destination is — how would you know when you had arrived?

So you must choose a goal, preferable one that makes your heart beat a little faster and puts a smile on your face just thinking about it.

You must to be able to see yourself having achieved that goal.

You must be able to feel it, believe it and live it even before you take the first step towards achieving it.

But having the goal is not enough — you must be 100% COMMITTED to achieving that goal.

This means a complete willingness to do whatever it takes in terms of time, focus, effort and priority.

You must be determined, not just at the beginning, but also all the way through until you achieve your goal.

Secondly, you need a step-by-step plan for reaching your goal.

It’s one thing to say you’re going to earn £50k per month in repeatable income — it’s an entirely different thing to actually have a workable plan that will get you there.

Chance and luck will not take you there.

Sitting and wishing won’t take you there.

Only by following your plan will you complete your goal.

And while it’s true there will be roadblocks and detours along the way, you will also find incredible good fortune as well, the kind that places the right person at the right time by your side to help you.

So create a plan and be open to changes in that plan. And never take your eyes off the goal.

Thirdly, you must to take action every day. EVERY day. So many people do the first two right, but they fail to follow through.

Their first downfall may come as soon as they’ve set the goal and made the plan, because now they feel they’ve achieved something and can take a rest.

Not true.

Having a goal and creating a plan are the steps you take PRIOR to achievement — they are not achievements themselves.

So the moment you create your plan, take an action step. And then each day and every thereafter, do not go to bed until you have taken another step.

Even if it’s late and you’re tired, do SOMETHING to get yourself closer to your goal.

Fourth, you must let go of the outcome.

This sounds contrary, doesn’t it? Certainly it’s the most difficult step of the four to grasp.

But if you are desperate to achieve your goal, you will actually self-sabotage and push that goal further away from you, rather than drawing it closer.

Determination allows you to take calm, continuous action. However if you become desperate, you are moving out of focused action and into emotional reaction.

How do you know if you are desperate? If you have thoughts such as, “I can’t be happy without this,” or “I can’t be successful if I don’t achieve this,” then you are desperate.

You are telling yourself that you cannot be happy or successful in the present because you have not achieved those things. This means also that you are thinking with a closed mindset and not a growth mindset. (see my other blogs on mindset)

The solution? Letting go of the outcome and instead focusing on being excited and enthusiastic about not just the goal, but the process itself, the amount you will learn and grow during the process.

When you feel motivated and invigorated, you can easily visualise your goal coming to pass.

This stimulates positive brain chemistry that focuses your conscious creation of your goal.

Not to mention that you will feel great and you will have all the energy you need to work on achieving your goal every single day.

There you have it — success in four easy steps. And no matter what you want to accomplish, this mini road map can take you there.

Learn it, live it and love it, and it will be yours forever. Imagine that — the key to achieving anything you want, right here before you.

One last thing — some of you will be saying to yourselves, “But I’ve heard this before.” And I wouldn’t be surprised if you had. But the issue isn’t whether or not you’ve heard it — the issue is whether or not you are LIVING it.

So tell me — are you? If not, I’d like to suggest the following…

Make a commitment to yourself right here and now that you will memorise these four steps and immediately put them into action.

Commit to yourself that you will spend every day for the next 30 days using these steps to achieve a goal that you really want.

And then report back to me with the results. As you can imagine, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you will achieve in such a short period of time.

We hope this blog has been of value

This article was written by David Hargreaves the chief guru, principle ‘dreamer’ and the walker of the office dogs at The Growth Gurus

About David Hargreaves

David is a seasoned and accomplished entrepreneur who’s first business was started from home and grew to a turnover of £12m before David’s Exit.

David is passionate at helping business founders to be the best they can be, to make pots of cash by serving their customers and to have a happy family life.

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