Starting a Cleaning Business — Day 5: Website is up!

Had a relaxing weekend and the weather was fantastic! :) It also gave me some time to start thinking about how to reach customers, and I started looking into Google Adwords. This is something I’m struggling with quite a lot and I’m thinking of doing a post about it sometime this week and getting some feedback from all of you fine people.

If we nail the advertising/marketing aspect of this business together I’ll make sure to write up the whole thing for future reference. But that’s future problems!

Business partner came back to me with a name! GetMaid (we have since moved to TeamClean). There was actually a list of names, but we decided on this one because it’s straight forward, easy to remember and it’s not location/country specific. We’ve also picked up the domains and (maybe expansion into belgium? who knows..) and commisioned a logo from envato studio. We’ve had our X-All company logo done through studio and I was pleased with how that turned out.

As far as website goes; it’s done. I’ve worked on it here and there and the only real effort I had to put in was creating the one page booking plugin to modify woocommerce checkout page into a booking form. I want to stress that I’ve been able to do this because I have a background in programming and I know my way around HTML, CSS and PHP. It’s quite a learning curve to start working with Wordpress/Themes/Plugins and WooCommerce.

Check out the finished product here on Feedback is very much appreciated! (EDIT: we have since moved to

How it’s built:

  • Wordpress
  • WooCommerce with Mollie payment processing.
  • Theme X, fully responsive Integrity theme.
  • Self written WooCommerce one page booking plugin
  • WooCommerce Email Customizer plugin
  • Google Analytics plugin for WooCommerce

For any other inquiries into how we made this, or if you’d like me to release the one page booking plugin please PM me. I want to stress again that although the themeing and color schemes were relativily easy to set up; wordpress does have a learning curve and if you’re new to E-Commerce setting up a WooCommerce site can take a bit longer than 1 week. ;)

Hope this helps!

EDIT: The reason I’ve chosen for Mollie as payment processor has to do with us being in the EU. Stripe is only in beta in The Netherlands and only supports Credit Cards. Online shopping in The Netherlands is mainly done with iDeal, you redirect the customer to their bank and they get a form which they fill out an wire you the money instantly. There’s talks in the EU to build a European version of iDeal since it works completely with IBAN and BIC/SWIFT codes which were implemented not too long ago. I didn’t want to deviate from people expectations too much so I decided we will offer iDeal and Credit card.

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