Signals, Intelligence

ELI5: The Axolotl Ratchet

The Address Book is the Social Network

Yo’ Metadata So Fat It Uses Google Earth To Take A Selfie

  • Specific location (home, place of work, etc.)
  • Mobility pattern (from home, via commuter route, to work) — very unique, just 4 locations is enough to identify 90% of people.
  • Paired mobility pattern with a known device (known as “mirroring”, when two or more devices travel together; including car telemetry!)
  • IMEI (mobile phone device ID)
  • IMSI (mobile phone telco subscriber ID)
  • Identifiers, e.g. names, locations
  • Voice fingerprinting
  • Keywords

The Map is the Territory

  1. Your ISP knows you sent and/or received data from the Signal server. They know when and they know how much.
  2. Google (and/or Apple) know that the Signal app on a specific device received a notification, and at what time.
  3. Open Whisper Systems knows which device sent and received messages, at which time, and to whom.
  4. Open Whisper Systems know which device is registered to which phone number.

The Metadata is the Message




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thaddeus t. grugq

thaddeus t. grugq

Information Security Researcher :: :: ::

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