…and think of England

No, this isn’t some salacious sex story. Sorry to disappoint. This is just a list of things I think of whenever I get annoyed by Vienna.

ISO REPUBLIC has amazing free photos—not only of London, but also of some wonderful English beaches.

My wife and I are planning to move to London towards the end of this year. We’ve wanted to do so for ages, but this time it seems actually doable.

Disclaimer for all the nay sayers:
Yes, we are aware that not everything will be better there than it is here. Yes, we are aware of the social insurance system we are giving up. But we also know that WE will be happier there, so stop being so negative or buzz off.

These days, whenever I notice how over Vienna I bloody am, I lean back and think of all the things I’m looking forward to enjoying once we finally get to England:

  • Good tea, and not having to order it online anymore.
  • Gluten-free toast that doesn’t taste like cardboard.
  • Going to Honest Burgers, knowing I can just order my burger with a gluten-free bun.
  • Grabbing breakfast at LEON’s.
  • Proper clothes shopping.
  • The likelihood of seeing artists I like in concert increasing manifold.
  • More equal rights: This is not on the top of my list right now, but once we’ll have settled there I plan to look into how to replace the civil union we now have with a more extensive legal solution.
  • Smoke-free public places.
  • Buying pale-people-makeup in the shops instead of having to place expensive online orders
  • Politeness. The existence of customer service!
  • The mild weather.
  • All of the rain! ❤

And that’s just the things I know about and can think of right now. Finding out what else there is will be even more fun, I assume. :)

If you have any actionable advice for moving to London, shoot me a comment here or tweet at me, please!

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