Dear self-identified liberals who are also my friends,

please, stop supporting Facebook pages, posts and memes that use discrimination to get some cheap laughs.

I love you, I really do, but sometimes you drive me up the fucking wall. For example when I see you liking posts like this one.

It’s not enough to cry out at obvious racism, sexism, etc. It’s important to also look closely and examine the less blatant stuff.

The above posting is

a) sexist: because “women are tyrants in relationships” is a horrible trope, and

b) ableist: because it’s not okay to call anyone a “psycho”, whether you’re alluding to actual mental health issues or not.

I understand people often unthinkingly click like on those posts and memes because everyone else is doing it and maybe they had to chuckle. But you can’t exactly say “I’m a feminist” or “I’m against racism” or “mental health is an important topic we should talk about” — and then like crap like that.

Thank you.