Sometimes things make you happy as hell

Sometimes you get an amazing message come through…

Out of nowhere.

This happened twice to me this week.

Just totally out of the blue someone messaged me these words:

“I didn’t crash once and by 10pm last night I still had energy!I Managed to work and teaching in the evening. I couldn’t believe it! 
You help me in ways no doctor ever has!”

This person has never had a 1–2–1 Personal Training Session with me.

This person is just a normal 30 something woman, who works hard, enjoys keeping fit and has some struggles along the way.

Basically we has one phone call. I taught her some food basics >>>>> and within three days I got this message.

Pretty tidy.

But it just goes to show….you don’t always need a human being there with you to get this stuff done.

You just need someone, somwehre in the world who cares that you get it done.

Who wants to help.

This client is on a Berry Blaster Online Package.

Workouts, Nutrition adsvice and constant contact with me.

Thats all it takes.

So if you want to:

1. Lose that weight that you said you was going to sort for the summer so that you could enjoy the beaches and the sunshine….
2. Have enough energy all day long to still be going at 10pm at night
3. Maybe even defy what a doctor has told you so that you can actually start feeling better as opose to just keeping things at bay….

Then maybe an online coach.

Maybe my online coaching could really help you out.

If you want to book a call on Facebook, Whatsapp or Skype

Then just tell me….by replying.

PS: That quote is bonafide genuine. I couldn’t write something that powerful myself!

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