Progressing Humanity Through Qualia

When one sees an advertisement or hears a podcast from the Neurohacker Collective (NHC), it’s hard to believe their only physical product is Qualia. This nootropic stack is a combination of 42 different ingredients made to enhance all aspects of cognitive performance including memory formation, learning, focus, and does so under the auspices of sustainability for long-term brain health.

The collective itself has lofty goals that transcend the Qualia nootropic supplement or any supplement for that matter. The general focus of NHC is to help optimize human experience and corresponding contribution as much as possible.

Imagine if your brain functioned more creatively, with more attentiveness, and for longer duration…while doing something that improves humanity in some way. Lawyers, doctors, scientists, and philosophers can all provide their valuable knowledge and wisdom with greater clarity.

Humanity has reached a level of technological superiority never before seen in our history. The rate of growth is what Peter Diamandis would consider “exponential growth”, which provides ample luxuries and freedoms. At the same time, humanity is facing immense challenges that only we can solve.

In order to solve our problems more readily and tackle these challenges, we must place our efforts effectively. According to the NHC, an optimized brain is the first step.

Luckily, their platform is built on solid science and medical research. While every company or product has it’s flaws, as far as Qualia is concerned, the doses adequate and formulation solid.

Many Qualia supplement reviews laud their product without providing any critical feedback. The product is expensive, though this undoubtedly stems from exhaustive ingredients. For some the drug can also be too strong, but this will depend largely on the person.

Whatever the personal experience with Qualia, the goals of the Neurohacker Collective are ambitious and worthwhile. Cognitive enhancement is not new, but taking and integrated systems-based approach to the human brain can better our collective consciousness and help us solve many of the world’s problems.