7 killer ways to wake up early in the morning


Opening your eyes with the birds singing and the sun rising from the other side of the sky and when everyone is sleeping, is an opportunity to be one of those few who takes their life into a bigger mission every day. You can choose to wake up at 3 AM, 4 AM or 5 AM. It’s up to you to determine the right time for you. But once you decide, the hardest things that come to you is to actually leave your bed at that point. It’s a habit that you need to build, and it’s a habit that is tough to make, especially when no one else is doing the same thing, and everyone seems to enjoy their bedtime. Sometimes, toughness rises on its own when you see yourself alone.

But hey, there are always solutions to problems, and you can try these 7 incredibly effective strategies to turn you on and to do morning rituals. And run you on your way to your dreams.

1. Ringing Voice of Dream from a Locked Rat Box:

Record your voice with words that remind you of your dreams, ambitions, and purpose. And play them as a morning wake-up alarm. Place your alarm away from you and lock them in a rat box and place the key in the bathroom in front of a mirror or water filled bucket. You can also hide the key outside your home beside any plants which will make you run out of your bed for the key, and you will find your sleep has become pretty weak. You can come up with lots of crazy things like this.

2. Ready Stuff for Morning Rituals:

One thing that keeps you stay in bed is the thought of preparing your running shoes, gym bag, dressing up for jogging or finding your yoga mat. What if you find everything that you are willing to use the moment your eyes open in your bed. Keep your bed clean, have your stretching devices near your bed and keep all digital devices far away from your bed. It is important to have stretching devices very near so you can give quick stretch which will break sleeping mode of your body joints and rush the blood flow to wake your body parts. This is very effective.

3. Join Real Early Raiser Group:

Join an active group of non-social media early raisers group who are near your house. It may seem to find challenging, but definitely, some are always there may be in a group of two only. Find them and ask if you can join. They can be an old gentlemen neighbor, a watchman or any of your like-minded friend or a friend of a friend. Things become easy and effective you do things in a group.

4. Ring Multiple Alarms:

Weakening the inactive state and eventually breaking it can also be done effectively by using various signal placed in different directions with sufficient distance from each other as well as from your bed. You can choose to set the alarm with one minute’s intervals. Initially, they might annoy, and you might feel like disabling all of them at once, don’t do it. Turn off the alarm only when it is ringing.

5. Slap Yourself for at least 101 Time, Each Time You Fail:

Self-punishment is also a method used in many communities as a way of correcting own behavior and habits. You too can apply similar methods by slapping seriously on your cheeks for at least 101 times, first on the left then right and so on. It helps in building the desired habitual patterns by molding your psychology and waking patterns.

6. Use Three Glass of Waters:

This is crazy and exciting but worth trying and enjoying. Place three glass of water nearby your bed. When the alarm rings, Use the first one to pour on your face, the second one to drink and the third one to again pour on your head. You can also record this message of pouring water as a quick trigger and use that as a loud alarm.

7. Eating Right in the Night:

This is from biological science. Eat less food in the evening and have a gap of 3 hours between your last food and your sleeping time. If you sleep with lots of food in your stomach, it does not help you in any way other than giving you long sleep of no good quality. Make sure eat less but healthy food at night and sleep with minimal and easily digestible foods in your stomach. Try this, it will work like a wonder. And Keep analyzing you. Make records of the results of night food and morning waking pattern combination.

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