7 Limiting belief about Money that blocks you in Money

Some things are always going on in our mind, and that affects us to take progression in earning good amount of money. We all know that thought is vibration energy contained in its information about what we are thinking. If we think thoughts which are not in tune with abundance, then it won’t work for us to become wealthy. Keeping these things in mind lets see 7 such limited belief that blocks the arrival or manifestation of money in life.

1. Money is the Cause of all problems:

This is the very common statements people have learned to make. And that goes inside their subconscious mind as active belief. No one wants to do or be in any kind of problematic situations. And this dialog inherently suggests that money is supportive to the problem, which further influences your mind to develop other thoughts against acquiring money. This is against becoming rich. You might not be aware, that this might be happening to you too. Maybe long ago you happen to use such statements and then it has gone inside spreads in other thought forms.

2. Wealthy People are Bad:

Many people want to be a good citizen, they like peace and happiness in their life and in their environment. Somehow, because of some rich people they have developed this tendency in their mind that rich people are not good, they are a rapist, they steal the money of everyday citizens, and they all have earned money in wrong ways. This kind of thought patterns again suggest your subconscious mind that being wealthy is not a good thing, it is a sin. And so it induces other supportive thoughts as the branches which are all against anything which can bring you towards riches.

3. Money can only be earned in wrong ways:

When people do not find right ways or when they see the hardness, toughness of the right path. They assume that this route is not a feasible just because that is not suitable for them. And they can’t do such hard work. Or they can’t make some sacrifices, and sometimes they are just so lazy in the otherwise looking dull right ways. And they come up with excuses like this. But underestimate the long-term effect of such reasons in your subconscious mind. This thought will grow inside the root of thought deeper and will generate more ideas of the similar kind. And if you nurture them, mostly unaware, they will take control of your mind and start becoming the reference point for your decisions and actions.

4. You have to do a lot of sacrifices and hard work:

Some people are extremely touchy and sick about everything that they have in their possession. They have the mindset of ownership with minimal efforts. They always try to find the shortcut of their problems. And in that way, they miss all the opportunity of self-development and self-growth. They can’t sacrifices for even the things that don’t matter to them. Things which are not useful also becomes the part of their concerns. These are the people who are very less likely to get productive because they never develop the right set of skills and mindset. And they never understand the value of exchange. Sometimes you have to think of sacrifice as a kind of trade. And sacrifices are not permanent, and It can be a temporary reality. And there is no shortcut to hard work.

5. Money is not safe:

Some people have a fear that if they earned money, then their life will be in danger. People will come to them to steal their money, and you might also get killed by evil agents in the society. This kind of fear also does not allow people to work in the direction where they can become productive. And people find excuses after excuses just to convince them mental fantasies of getting into trouble because of money possession. Up to a certain extent, it is true, but it depends on your lifestyle and the kind of relationship and level of the wise that you bring with you.

6. Money can’t buy Happiness:

True that money can’t buy happiness, that lasts longer, but it can buy temporary enjoyments and tools for celebration. It can buy gifts for people. It can buy food for needy. You can do hell lots of beautiful things by the use of money. Don’t have such kind of bullshit thought in your mind. Money is the easiest form of exchange in the world. And just Imagine if there is no money, how the world would look like. Transferring things between two people would be difficult.

7. Financial freedom is a vague concept.

People think like financial freedom is not possible. They accept the thought without doing proper detailed research and studies. Without even trying and without even testing. And they come up with excuses like they don’t want to waste their time and effort in vague concepts, that too without knowing any seeing anything. This is a significant blockage in financial freedom. There are many ways to do so and people who are trying and making the consistent effort are enjoying and loving their lives to the fullest. They are happy that they invested their time and efforts in concepts that others are considering vague.

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