7 ME TIME You can Choose, Spend With Yourself


Only you are there with you, no other person disturbs you. This is the time you do certain things with peace and mindfulness. They can be anything. Let’s quickly see 7 serene me time that many people prefer to have.

1. Iron Time:

This is one of the favorite ME time of many people. Once in a week, people love to do so. Man or Woman both like to spend some time to spend with their cloth, touching and looking at it as they do. Smiling while engrossed in the beauty of ironed clothes, once they did it and pick in their hand. Some people even do cute and silly self-talk with their clothes as they iron. They say, “baby you are looking so clean and bright now.” Once they rolled their selected pieces, they feel rejoiced. You too can try to have some Mindful ME time with your favorite clothes.

2. Tree Time:

Spending time with tree and beautiful plants is a serene experience. When you look at trees and Mindfully started noticing little sounds and movements that are going on around. You feel connected with nature. Like, sometimes you see a group of two or three cute birds is playing this game. Things become more interesting when you notice their neck, the way they do their sweet glances on things around and when they jump around the branches. And when you see a group of leafs and branches moving in some unusual patterns, which you never notice. And sometimes when you just happen to talk to trees. If you haven’t done it, try doing it mindfully, and you will have a beautiful ME time.

3. Instrument Time:

Dwelling into music, as you play your favorite instruments takes you to forget if there is anything else exist. You, Instrument and Music. It does give a perfect ME time to anyone. If you don’t play any instrument, you may consider learning easy and straightforward once, and Flute is the best and easiest to go ahead with. You can also carry flute anywhere quickly and have ME time near river, tree or sea shores.

4. Cleaning Time:

Cleaning up your study table, book racks, cupboard or just couch or bed is also a little good cleaning time which some people really enjoy. They get connected with place and memory as they do so. As you clean up your book rack, you sometimes open few pages and see something and smile.People feel the sudden arrival of freshness in their mood and day once they do it.

5. Sky Time:

Sky watching to look for stars and the moon. And the patterns they forms and the way they blink and even counting them is excellent ME time for many. It actually takes you high and put smiles on your face. It gives you a different kind of energy, it is as if the cosmos has just done its wonder on you.

6. Silence Time:

Doing nothing but just seating in pure silence maybe in front of the never ending sea, or a flowing river, or in front of a lake.Maybe you just wanna close all the nights off and set in sofa or chair while having complete darkness in your room. Some people also wants to spend their silence time in temple or churches. Silence ME time is again incredibly peaceful, and it helps connects you with your real self.

7. Dear Diary Time:

Dear Diary ME time is perhaps the most favored ME time for many. Those who do it, they know how much close and personal their precious diary is with them. It’s the moment’s went you share your mind, heart, and soul with that piece of paper. And You know, when you share something personal with someone, they become your best friends. Diary Moments are special for all those reasons because you know they will never share your feelings and thought with anyone without your giving directions. Undoubtedly your dear diary moments and dear diary mean a lot to you.

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