Haiku on the loose at #SXSW

a very stevie nicks haiku moment captured by zorah olivia photography.

When our friends at Foursquare asked us to come haiku the heck out of the Andreessen Horowitz annual party at SXSW Interactive, we said, “We’ve already packed our suits and gold dusters. See you in twenty minutes.”

it really doesn’t get any better than this.

There’s been some talk in the tech world about unsure future landscapes, but these people are on point. Bob’s Steak and Chop House hosted the party, featuring other growing startups as well, like our favorite blogging platform, Medium, and strangely enticing coffee/vitamin gummy cubes. Bloomberg wrote about it and gave shoutouts to us and some unicorn masks, so we’ll take that as a compliment.

Then, we were set loose in Austin to haiku as many attendees as we possibly could. It was madness. Sheer. Madness.

we haiku’d the airplane, and haiku’d our airbnb hosts. their tiny rabbit liked cuddling with erick.
we haiku’d at brunch at hillside farmacy. we haiku’d for our friend Lori and her dating app cheekd. we haiku’d for a woman who was fed up with men blocking her path.
we haiku’d about roller derby, marathon running, and tried out revolutionary new haiku formats on woodgrain paper.
haiku at whole foods, haiku in hotel san jose, haiku on the streets. we trained up an austin haikuist, Ian. he types with two fingers, just like us.
Even this dalmatian wanted a haiku.
we love you selena.

We yoga’d and haiku’d for Lululemon and friends every single morning, in our finest residency experience to date.

Getting a chance to really become a part of the fabric of an operating business and community is a totally unique experience, and by the end of the festival saying goodbye to the team was really quite sad.

We love you.

We haiku’d strangers in taquerias.

People yelled “Hey Free Haiku!” after us on the street, so we stopped and haiku’d them too.

We haiku’d a birthday girl hosting an app launch party. (Sudo, anyone?) Because she is a badass and deserves feet as comfortable as she wants, and poems as seventeen-syllables-long as we want.

We haiku’d our Lyft drivers.

On some occasions they even pulled over to take photos, or shared with their friends, who then shared with theirs.

We haiku’d PWR BTTM (we like them a lot) and their fans at The Grackle, where that great photo at the top was taken, and so many people needed haiku that we ran out of paper and people started bringing us napkins to type on.

We haiku’d at The Hilton for Saint Sister.

They have some active Twitter fans.

We wrote a haiku for a man to let him know his fly was down. He liked that a lot.

We forgot to take a picture.

At one point, the haiku vibes were so strong that our wizard friend Will even wrote a haiku for our favorite Austinite, Paloma. We don’t know what it said, but she liked it a lot.

We haiku’d MSTRKRFT and Third Eye Blind at Whole Foods. The coolest Whole Foods on earth.

Did you like your haiku, Third Eye Blind?

We even wrote a limerick for Austin, on Saint Patrick’s Day, and a haiku about SXSW in Japanese, or something that slightly resembles that language.

We liked Austin.

Austin actually may be one of the nicest, happiest, most taco-filled places we’ve ever visited.

Our last day in Austin was the first day of Spring. Warm, beautiful, and glowing. It was snowing in New York.

We haiku’d for happiness. Then we went home.

Check out our haiku reviews of some of our favorite places in Austin here.

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