#haikureview: Ten 2016 Presidential Candidates

so many people want this job.

One of our values is to bring new perspectives to our issues, challenges, passions, and decisions. What could be a bigger issue for Americans right now, than deciding who will be at the helm of the nation for the next four years?

We recommend reading these haiku out loud to someone — see if they can guess each candidate. The idea here is that no matter who you plan on supporting, we owe it to ourselves and each other to think critically about our people, our systems, and our leaders, and continue an active, open conversation.

Let us know what you think.

he can illustrate
the sharp point of dynasty
as clear as diamond

Jeb Bush

El Cajon Mazda-
million dollar settlements-
Tycoon Frontera

Rocky De La Fuente

baton of freedom
conducts beat box symphonics
on cyberpunk tracks

Ben Carson

methodic action
a green thumb picks a guitar
for a burning world

Martin O’Malley

if a man can claim
to move mountains of culture
where will he put them?

Chris Christie

we should check ourselves —
if questions left unanswered
point us forward still

Hillary Clinton

“nobody likes him”
must be exaggeration
but — all those memos

Ted Cruz

he dots his last name
with a tiny continent
scaring democrats

Marco Rubio

down from the mountain
a pauper of the senate
ice cream social-ist

Bernie Sanders

everything we hate
everything we wish we were
vacant skyscrapers

Donald Trump

Have another candidate you want us to write on? Want us to come to your debate party and live haiku the action?

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