Legal Cannabis ≠ Clean Cannabis — but Don’t be Discouraged. Choose Clean℠.

At the beginning of February, The Handpicked Company, along with The Werc Shop, SC Laboratories, and Envirocann, joined forces to challenge the cannabis industry to Choose Clean. There have been a number of news reports stating that California cannabis is contaminated with pesticides, fungicides, residual solvents, and more. This issue is so widespread that it couldn’t be resolved with the simple changing of the calendar when cannabis became legal and regulated on January 1, 2018. Dispensaries are able to sell off current inventory that either does not meet current regulations or has not been tested at all through June of this year, which means consumers may be purchasing and consuming contaminated products. This will likely remain an issue even after this grace period has expired because some farmers may experiment with pesticides that are not currently banned, there are still labs with subpar testing standards and other methods of skirting the system will be exploited.

The consumer must come first in this new era of legal cannabis. This is why The Handpicked Company, The Werc Shop, SC Labs and Envirocann are working together to demand more accountability from cultivators, manufacturers and cannabis labs. We are also committed to being a part of the solution by offering our expertise to others and providing opportunities for the whole industry to collaborate on defining a clear path for not only achieving the standards set forth by the regulations, but surpassing them to design the Organic equivalent for cannabis.

We are at a pivotal point in the evolution of the cannabis industry. This call to action is not just for those within the cannabis industry, but for consumers as well. We are encouraging consumers to demand transparency from brands, educate themselves on what they are consuming and take an active role in raising the bar by supporting brands that share our commitment to clean cannabis. To help consumers better understand the issue of contaminated cannabis and what needs to be done, we have produced a video, which can be viewed below:

To kick off our efforts to Choose Clean, our CEO and Co-founder Steve Koskie moderated a solution-oriented panel at the International Cannabis Business Conference in San Francisco with The Handpicked Company’s Cultivation and Agriculture Director Angus Mills, and SC Labs and Envirocann Co-Founder Ian Rice. This discussion can be viewed below:

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