Top 5 Ways To Choose Clean℠

From mold and bacteria to words you can barely pronounce, contaminants have a large presence in California’s cannabis. We’re here to help you learn more about choosing clean products before you check-out at your local dispensary. Below are the top five ways you can take caution and Choose Clean:

1. Certified Brands

Look for products that are certified by reputable organizations like Envirocann. These third-party organizations do the dirty work for you so you can rest easy. Envirocann focuses on the Quality Assurance and Quality Control of cannabis production and products, using on-site inspections and lab testing to verify that Best Management Practices are utilized to grow and process the plant in addition to ensuring local and state compliance and environmental protection. Envirocann also offers certification for farms, manufacturing facilities and retailers (which means all products sold in those locations must be up to their standards). It’s as easy as checking for their logo on products.

2. “Not Tested” Labels

Consumers can check for labels on products sold in dispensaries that read “Not Tested” between now and July 1, 2018. These labels inform buyers that these products have not undergone the testing that new California regulation requires. Such products can be sold for the first six months of legalization.

3. Unsubstantiated “Organic” Claims

Be cannabis-savvy — don’t be fooled by labels that make “organic” claims. Because organic certification is provided by the United States Department of Agriculture — a federal agency — cannabis products cannot legally be certified as organic. Check for brands that have the EnvirOganic certification, which is the cannabis equivalent to Organic. The EnvirOganic seal signifies that all state and local environmental compliance are met and that organic management practices are being used, including regenerative land stewardship. Look beyond the label and ask your budtender about the growing practices, which will tell more about the cleanliness of the product than the label will.

4. Research

Take to the internet and educate yourself on the issue. Read up on brands you might be interested in before heading to your local dispensary. Find out more about the growers, their methods and their growing environment. Check their website for certifications from third-party organizations and information on where their products are tested and where those results are. Look for brands that go above and beyond what is required by law. Look for brands that provide transparency about their practices and share your values, especially those for clean cannabis.

5. Lab-Tested

Luckily, new California regulations force all cannabis to be lab tested moving forward. Make sure that the cannabis brand you choose works with a credible, well-established lab. One such lab is The Werc Shop headed Dr. Jeffrey C. Raber. The Werc Shop has developed the Certified Cannabaceuticals™ program which is designed to ensure the quality and safety of cannabis products through validated methods and analytical techniques. Some of the services they offer include Microbiological Screening Services, Terpene Profiling, and Residual Solvent Analysis. Another example is SC Labs, an ISO 17025 accredited independent and analytical institution which promotes cannabis safety through education and testing. SC Labs was started by Ian Rice, Jeff Gray, Josh Wurzer and Alec Dixon in 2010 and was among the first laboratories to work on developing acceptable testing standards for the cannabis industry. Some of the services they offer include Pesticide Testing, Microbiological Screening and Residual Solvent Testing. Choosing cannabis products that have been tested in credible labs gives a clearer picture of what’s inside.

Contaminants by definition are impurities. From soil to seed to sale, precautions must be taken to ensure safe and clean cannabis. At a time when those precautions are not guaranteed, consumers must take it upon themselves to choose clean.

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