I am The Handsome Pig

Stop the glorification of normal.

I’m not your regular farm pig (I guess you know that by now), but I wasn’t always different. I would wake up, eat, chill out in the mud, eat yet again and sleep like a normal farm pig; all for the promise of someday becoming the best bacon. Why? You ask. I don’t know actually, I guess I just thought that this was the way us piggies were meant to live and becoming bacon was the greatest thing I could aspire to be. I didn’t question why my daily routine was like that, or even how it came to be like that, you know?

Ever since I was born, I was taught that things worked a certain way and so I was eager to follow the steps of the pigs around me. Until one day, I started getting tired of doing things just because they were expected of me. Everyone expects me to be lazy and, of course, fat and I felt pressured to fit into this criteria when it just didn’t feel right. And then it came to me: All this time I was taught to think I was special, but really I was taught to be like everyone else.

After this, I decided to take a chance and began doing things different than my fellow pigs. I started reading, I spent less and less time in the mud, I began eating a little more healthy and, I kid you not, doing a bit of exercise. I dedicated my days to doing whatever made me smile. It struck weird and silly to the other pigs, they couldn’t make sense of my decisions and choices, they thought them risky and pointless and most of them even judged me. I think this is because they don’t dare doing stuff that isn’t in the farm book, stuff that isn’t normal.

Today, I have ventured to the city life and I am here to inspire you all. I can tell you from the bottom of my pig heart, this change of path was the best thing I have ever done. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing why you came to this world. So let’s stop the glorification of having a “normal” life. As Shawn Achor says, “normal is merely average, why on Earth would you want to be average?’’ So no, I am not your regular farm pig, there are plenty of those, I am something else, I am The Handsome Pig.

Post by Pia Riquelme, Co-Founder of The Handsome Pig