Mavea Water Filter Advantages of Using Water Filters Rather Than Drinking Bottled

Water filters, like most other products, are available in varying prices and qualities. In order to keep your family’s drinking water safe, you need to put careful thought into the water you drink. Despite assertions made by numerous beverage companies marketing bottled water, studies have shown that bottled water is not significantly safer than tap water. Moreover, bottled water has been associated with landfill waste and environmental degradation. In contrast, water filters — such as the Mavea water filter — safeguard your drinking water from dangerous contaminants, in addition to being comparatively inexpensive and environmentally friendly.

Is public water safe?

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 90 percent of public water systems in the United States meet regulation standards in terms of level of contaminants such as lead, chlorine, Cryptosporidia, E. coli, and arsenic. These claims notwithstanding, you are better off using a water filter, such as the Mavea water filter California, to guarantee the safety of your drinking water.

Studies have revealed that while drinking water from public water supplies may test satisfactorily at the source, it may collect contaminants en route to your house. Contaminants that may find their way into drinking water from public supplies include chemical by-products of water treatment, fecal matter, lead, arsenic, and rocket fuel.

Moreover, some of the chemicals used in treatment of water from public supplies have been suspected to have an adverse effect on human health in certain quantities. For example, chlorine is suspected to be a neurological and respiratory toxin while chloramine has been suspected to be a respiratory and blood toxin. Combined with certain organic elements during the treatment process, chlorine has been known to produce carcinogenic by-products.

The good news is that steps can be taken to ensuring that you have clean, safe drinking water.

Measures to ensure safe drinking water

· Assess your tap water: Water filters are available in different varieties depending on the contaminants they are intended to eliminate. Therefore, before buying a water filter, find out what major contaminants are in your tap water. You can obtain this information by reading the “Consumer Confidence Report” from your utility or having your water tested by a state certified lab.

· Identify the best water filter: Needless to say, the water filter you choose will depend on the results of your assessment. If, on the one hand, you find that, on average, your water tests better than EPA level, you may want a simple, inexpensive filter — such as the Mavea water filter — to eliminate the water treatment chemicals that your local utility uses, as well as other common contaminants. On the other hand, if it turns out that your water has serious issues concerning safety, you may need to invest in a multi-stage water filtration system.

· Buy from a reputable manufacturer: Purchasing a water filter from a well-established company, such as Mavea water filter California, is the most effective way of ensuring that you obtain a top quality water filter that will deliver the value it claims on the box. Reputable water filter manufacturers can be found online and can be easily verified by reading reviews from previous customers.

Better, safer drinking water

When compared to the billions of plastic water bottles that fill landfills every year, replacing a few filter cartridges is by far the preferable option. Not only have water filters proven to be more environment-friendly that bottled water, they are also less costly and do a better job of eliminating potentially dangerous contaminants from the water you drink. Finally, the pitchers used for water filters are available in a wide variety of designs and colors. Consequently, they can add an aesthetic appeal to your space in addition to their functional and health benefits.

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