When choosing a specific colour for your hardwood flooring it can be a daunting task.

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With so many stains, finishes and styles of wood flooring this may be the most difficult part when it comes to it. Once it’s down there’s no going back… or is there?

The natural beauty of wood is that it is a reusable product, hence where reclaimed wood flooring comes from. For the most part, the majority of flooring laid is manufactured and new when sold. It can come either finished or unfinished. You may have a rough idea in terms of a dark, light or medium colours that you would like to match an existing or soon to be existing decor. A pre-ordering tip is it may be best to check online for images of different types of decor similar to your own. …

Choosing between types of flooring is no easy feat with all the options available today. It’s not simply a matter of choosing the flooring that you think will best suit a Toronto home, Instead, you’ll need to think about factors like wear and tear, traffic, moisture and even issues like floors that flex as you move over them. Here are some hardwood flooring options that will show you how to choose flooring for your project!

1. Dark Floors

Dark wood floors can be incredibly elegant and sophisticated, bringing richness and polish to a space. But when paired with the wrong furnishings and colors, those floors run the risk of making the space feel dark and heavy. …

If you own a beautiful cedar staircase, here’s how to make sure it will last for many years.

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Protect the Surface: Consider laying a runner rug down the length of the staircase to protect the wood from scuff marks, especially on the vertical rises where people often bump their feet.

Be Mindful: Consider removing your shoes while using the stairs, and be especially careful when carrying liquids.

Spot Treat: Cedar is naturally resistant to rot and warping, but don’t put it to the test. Clean up and dry spills right away.

Protect: Don’t let raw, unfinished cedar go to waste. Protect it with a water or oil-based polyurethane finish. Contact a hardwood care professional for regular refinishing. …