And avoiding the pitfalls of your newfound riches

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Photo by Nawalescape on Pixabay

Congratulations: You’ve won the lottery!

Not the money kind, unfortunately. But you now have access to another resource that can unlock opportunities and power: information. You can enjoy a wealth of knowledge incomparable even to royalty in ages past. From the momentous to the mundane, if a question ever pops into your head, a pocket-sized device can give you at least one answer within seconds.

Yet winning the lottery can have its downsides; psychologists even study mental health problems associated with “sudden wealth syndrome.” (Mo’ money, mo’ problems.) People with unexpected riches may not know how to handle that new scale of finances wisely, and all of us find ourselves dealing with information abundance at a scale no one has ever had to manage before. …


Joey Tyson

An analytical romantic. I help people understand how they fit into the world.

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