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To anyone who has suffered from any type of trauma, we know that healing is a journey. Yet it takes so many different routes to get to our destination. I believe that healing does not come from a book, a therapist, support groups, family members, friends or medication. These can all be different road maps leading destination. However, healing comes from a desire:

● the desire to be better,

● the desire to improve yourself and your life,

● the desire to get past the pain,

● the desire to leave what is not beneficial to your health behind and move forward.

The ability and capability to heal is within you. By using external aids, such as those mentioned above can be great resources. Unless you truly desire it, that healing is impossible to attain even with that much help at your fingertips. Think about this for a second, can rehab save someone with an addiction unless that person is fully ready to commit to giving up whatever they are addicted to? So I ask you, are you ready to give yourself permission to heal?


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THP was created to help those in the community who have suffered and/or are currently struggling with the debilitating effects of trauma/PTSD.

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