Change is good!


It is in learning from our past that we gain knowledge and it is in changing that we implement that gained knowledge. As a start up, we have tried implementing a variety of working methods in all our activities be it marketing, communication or even the way we do lunch breaks (priorities). Not all times, does each of our innovative ideas work to the best and through these little incidents we learn what is missing and what we can work on. One such issue, that we faced in the recent past is our delivery genie work system. We had a standard pay per month setup along with incentives and allowances which seemed to work in the start but slowly many issues started creeping up. Although the growth we’ve seen is splendid; came a sudden and shocking muddle and hence we decided to do some introspection. We started understanding the small issues our delivery genies have been facing and started noting them down to get a clear perspective.

· Willingness — Due to many reasons and pressures, some of the delivery genies were quite unhappy about taking up some tasks although when given a task did their best.

· Efficiency — As a result of unwillingness, though they gave their best we did notice the drop in eagerness and pace.

· Earnings — We understand that with a fast growing economy and a corporate capital based jungle it is hard to earn any money with most of it going for basic amenities.

These problems and our delivery genies helped us question our working style. We believe in delivering delights and isn’t it necessary that those delivering them need to be delighted too? Unlike other start-up companies that do not work with any look into the ethical and moral treatment of their employees and purely run based on capital, we decided to try out a system that helps both you (our customers) and our delivery genies. Hence, the birth of the WIN-WIN system!

This system helps us do what we love doing best, bringing a smile on the faces of those who come to Genie. We decided to create a workflow through which we created micro entrepreneurs out of our delivery genies. Thus, 85% of the delivery charge goes to the employee with incentives for number of deliveries and other sorts of initiative from them. This not only encourages enthusiasm to work but also regulates the culture and values followed inside the lamp. Our policies of transparency and honesty will be implemented through this system. The company will not depend on logistics for revenue generation but the commission model of partners.

It is in giving that we receive and as a privileged member of society it is each of our duties to give our best to the world we are surrounded by. Every order you make does much more than create business, it brings a smile on the faces of a family. One of our own employees, Jayaprakash had the wonderful opportunity of buying a cycle for his daughter and is it not overwhelming to know that you were in your own small way a reason behind the joy brought to a family. It is in things like this that true delight lies. So do remember, for every delight delivered to you, you will be delivering a delight in the life of another. Environmentally, we will be reducing the carbon footprint as the source usage will be optimized as compared to our work in the past. Although no change happens in a matter of seconds, it will create a large impact in the lives of many including you. We live to spread joy and delight and in doing so feel alive, so go on. Make a wish. Genie can do anything!