Genie is back.

Little more than a month ago, when we announced that we will have to cease operations because of lack of funding, there was an unprecedented amount of love we witnessed coming our way.

Consumers, businesses and everyone who was connected with us got in touch with us to tell us how much they believed in the team, that they wished us all the luck and would love to associate with us in any capacity in the future.

Such a thing can be overwhelming, especially when you’ve built a brand from the scratch. Everything for the closing down was done. All employees were placed in different companies, all dues were settled and everyone informed.

However, something unexpected happened. The only community who hadn’t mirrored the aforementioned love was the investor community, and somehow, one person from the community decided they didn’t want us to shut down. They got in touch with us as soon as they got to know. Conversation converted to meetings, meetings to documentation and finally, investment!

Vanakkam Again, Chennai.

Again, you heard it right. We’re not pranking you for April Fool’s and this isn’t any kind of a joke.

So here it is: Genie is going to resume delivering delight to you again, and we’re looking to do it in a bigger and better fashion this time!

We’re looking to create a platform which provides a comprehensive ecosystem for businesses, consumers and delivery Genies to benefit from. 
We have only one mission: To deliver delight to you, and we shan’t stop until you are truly delighted each time you place an order with us.

We shall let you revel in the news while we put our heads down and go back to building Chennai’s favourite pick up and drop service.

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