What Do Rajinikanth And Milk Have In Common?

One fine morning, while sipping coffee in the office (our office has kickass coffee!), we all had a random thought: Who discovered milk?

For Indians, the first image that would come to mind is Lord Krishna pulling at a cow’s udder and directly sipping the frothy (and unpasteurised) milk. In the office, we joked that it was most likely him who discovered it. But then, we figured that in his era, there are also depictions of butter, curd and other milk products that were already being made — hinting that the discovery must have happened much earlier than the Mahabharata epic.

A little bit of googling showed that in terms of scientific history, the discovery of milk seems to have happened right after the Neolithic Age (when humans realized they can make weapons and tools out of stones) as they began to domesticate animals. You can imagine small populations across the world, settling permanently in one place, doing a little bit of farming and also keeping some animals — for meat, for transportation and eventually for milk. What is interesting is, humans were initially unable to digest animal milk but through genetic changes were able to, and thus, discovered milk! 
The answer for which ‘person’ first discovered it will remain a mystery. But guess what, a yahoo user Louise C came with a rather simple but a very logical answer to this — “People would have observed animals suckling, and realized that animals produced milk just like human women do. And it would not take much working out to realize that a large animal like a cow or goat might produce milk that could be drunk by humans as well.” 
Sounds legit right?

Now what is common between Rajinikanth and milk? No one really knows when they became popular. 
Also, Rajinikanth has been sued multiple times because his fans indulge in milk-bathing his life size cut outs during his movie releases.

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