Pilot: Buy the Basics

In the summer of 2015, when we launched Genie as a personal concierge service, the objective was fairly simple: to make people’s lives easy. Two years down the line, we’ve pivoted to being a smart logistics platform and made many changes to the product but the objective still remains the same.

Genie users use the platform for various things and we discover new use cases everyday. From cheques, documents, food, cakes, flowers and smokes, Genie delivers everything right to your doorstep. However, in getting all the perceptibly big things delivered, people forget the basics and how Genie can add value to their everyday life by doing what we do best — make it simpler.

An estimated 14 hours of young Indian urban mass’s time every week is spent running errands, out of which more than 8 hours is spent on buying essentials that require them to step out of their house. This includes things like batteries, groceries, personal hygiene products, etc.

Typical Errand running times are twice the amount of time people get to spend with family and friends, a fact that is disconcerting at the least.


A major part of making your life easy and delivering delight to you is to help you save time. #BuytheBasics is our newest series aimed at throwing light on things that are essential, but require a considerable bit of effort to go out and get. We will talk about products which people don’t want to step out buy, but still form a major part of our day.

For everyone thinking about all the convenience they will have to pay to have one of the Basics delivered, here’s a little perspective: there’s a millennial urban mass in India with a population of 129 million. The average salary of the said population is estimated at Rs. 20,595 for working an average of 8.1 hours per day, 6 days a week. This basically means that each of their hour is worth about Rs. 100 (Rs. 98, to be precise), which is much more than Genie’s convenience charge for getting your Basics delivered to you.

Download the Genie app at bit.ly/getgenieapp to make your life easier, starting today.