Teleport-ing Chennai’s Businesses

Genie’s mission is to deliver delight to all our customers by getting the best of the city to their doorsteps.As a part of our journey, we realised that there are other businesses which have a similar mission, albeit with their own products.

In our bid to be Chennai’s favourite bike based logistics platform, we decided to align our mission with that of these businesses, and make sure each one of their end customers get delighted.

Upon deliberation, we realised that the people who required a delivery platform the most were small and medium enterprises- home bakers, accessory aggregators, customised gifting providers, etc. They didn’t have volumes big enough to give huge amounts of advances to big companies. Another big problem they experienced was that most of these companies would not deliver on the same day, and even if they did, their cash settlement patterns didn’t work well with these businesses, who work primarily on a cash and carry model so that they can meet their demand patterns effectively.

Our goal for the attempt was simple- to have a platform where these businesses can key in essential delivery details with the delivery time, customer information, etc. and someone would show up at the stipulated time. Having a consumer facing side ourselves made us better positioned to understand the businesses’ problems and work on them. We wanted to have a platform which would make constant communication minimal, help the businesses manage their orders better with great customer support and comprehensive analytics. Above all, we wanted to build a tool which would help us help them do lightening fast deliveries across the city. After all, Genie is a transactions business with deliveries being our unit transaction.

A lot of feature discussions, brainstorming and late nights later, we came up with a web app which did the job really well. We called it ‘Teleport’. It was far from perfect, but worked.

We got a lot of inbound leads once we started, and one thing we realised that there was a lot of cross adoption of our products. A lot of customers who used Genie wanted to use Teleport, and a lot of Teleport businesses’ customers used Genie. This helped us create an ecosystem which helped provide end to end experience keeping the customer right at the centre.
We made a lot of mistakes, spent too much development bandwidth on things that didn’t matter. But as we scaled the product, iterated features and added more and more businesses to the platform, the product became better, businesses swore by the fact that we added immense value to their brand and made their lives easier.

We tailored plans for businesses according to factors like number of orders, average ticket size, average delivery radius per order. We gave them options to schedule orders in advance and we used all these parameters to improve our delivery density.

What started off as a tool for small and medium business to get their products to their customers and now, a lot of businesses, big and small use Genie to increase their logistical reach across Chennai and has been rechristened as Genie For Business (a.k.a GFB).

Here’s a look at the order analysis depicting how Genie For Business has been doing:


We’ve been working hard to make sure that business owners can focus on what they do best and leave their intra city logistics to us. We’ve been growing at a very steady pace every month, and we look to double our revenues in the next 5 months.

13 months, 200 customers, 30,000 orders and we feel like we are just starting out, because there are millions out there who are yet to get delight delivered through us.