How to discover the best communities on hello

Find your favorite hello communities with these 3 simple steps…

Visit your communities page to browse any community on hello.

hello communities are the perfect way to quickly create a home for all your interests — no matter how broad or small — and find a group of people who love what you do. Communities can even be created with a location, so that you can meet like-minded people who live near you. Great, isn’t it?!

To help you find these fun and awesome people, here are 3 simple steps to get you started…

Step 1 — Visit the ‘communities’ page and tap browse

To view your communities page, tap the hamburger menu (upper left corner) and then select ‘communities’. Once on the communities page, you’ll want to tap ‘browse’. This is where you can search hello communities.

Once on the ‘browse’ tab, you can search by keyword simply by tapping the search bar — highlighted here.

Step 2 — Search communities by keywords

Now that you are on the ‘browse’ tab of the communities page, simply tap the ‘find communities’ search bar below and enter any keywords that come to mind. You can even type a location to see communities nearby you!

Step 3 — Search communities by personas

Not sure what keywords to search? Tap a persona on the ‘browse’ tab to see all the communities that belong to your persona.

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