Introducing the ‘Best of hello’

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hello was created with the vision of connecting the world through shared passions and interests. Each creation, idea, or experience that we jot down helps connect us with likeminded people — nearby and around the world. Over time, we have come across incredible pieces, thoughts, and moments jotted by hello members and we want to share the best with the world.

Introducing the ‘Best of hello’ featured on

How does one earn the ‘Best of hello’?

Simply post a jot on hello, tag the persona relevant to the jot subject, and you could be named the ‘Best of hello’! We choose 2 jots every other week!

Need the hello app? Get hello for iOS here or for Android here.

Any tips for getting selected?

1 — Be original

Jot your creations, ideas, and experiences — don’t steal something you found online. Sharing something you made, your own thoughts, or a moment you enjoyed. This is the best way to build your reputation and meet people who share your interests.

2 — Share the little things

You don’t need to do anything extravagant to get featured. Jot a moment you love, a creation you’re working on, or even just a thought that is on your mind — the beauty of hello is that people who share your interests love the small things that would otherwise annoy your friends on other networks. Just remember to keep in mind the frequency of your posting to keep hello spam free.

3 — Get creative, unique

Pretty pictures tend to get more love, but you don’t need to be a professional photographer to be the ‘Best of hello’! Get creative or be unique — make your jot a conversation piece so that likeminded people can chat with you.

When does the ‘Best of hello’ start?

We will start selecting recipients on September 26th, 2016. Winner will be notified and announced each Friday. A list of current ‘Best of hello’ jots are available here.

What do I win?

Each winner’s jot will be featured on the hello app and will appear on Alongside these features, you’ll also receive 500 hello coins sent in-app.

Updates to our ‘best of hello’ selection process:

We are now choosing two jots each week to be featured on

Since it is hard to nail down one winner, we decided to add another selection to our weekly ‘best of hello’ announcement.

Jots posted more than a week ago are NOW eligible to win.

Since we sometimes miss great jots posted in previous weeks, we decided to open the deadline to include jots posted over a week ago (deadline previously excluded jots posted over a week ago). However, jots posted recently have a higher chance of being selected.




hello is an app that helps you meet people who share your interests. Make new friends and explore what likeminded people are sharing —

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hello network

hello network

hello is an app that helps you meet people who share your interests. Make new friends and explore what likeminded people are sharing —

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