Meet hello Community Creator of the Month — Allison Zink

Looking to send positive vibes and connect with people who encourage you to be your best? We surely are!

Our July pick for Community Creator of the Month has us feeling inspired. Her vision for creating a community to share positive vibes and motivational words caught our attention, and our pick for this month’s creator spotlight.

Meet our July Community Creator of the Month — Allison Zink, creator of the ‘Encouraging Thoughts & Quotes’ community.

What’s your full name? Do you have a nickname? Allison Zink. My family and close friends call me Alla.

Where did you grow up? I grew up and have lived in Ohio my whole life. I love the beautiful nature and abundant land here.

Where are you at now? A small town near Columbus.

What are some things you like to do for fun? I love spending time outdoors, adventuring with my friends and family, petting my cat, traveling, and meeting new people.

You’re in school still, right? What are you planning to do after school? I am currently a nursing student. My life goal is to encourage and care for others. I love learning about different cultures and how to care for them.

jot by Allison Zink - ‘Encouraging Thoughts & Quotes’ community creator

What do you like the most about the hello community? Hello communities are wonderful and unique because they allow members to connect through what they love. ‘Encouraging Thoughts & Quotes’ is amazing because it spreads love and positivity no matter what language you speak or where a member is from. The community is bright, unique, and motivating.

jot by hello founder, Orkut - member of ‘Encouraging Thoughts & Quotes’

What inspired you to create this community? I was inspired to create this community because hearing other people’s thoughts and positivity has always been super encouraging to me. I have always held the advice I receive from my friends and family dear to my heart and now it’s special that I can share those thoughts with my Hello friends.

What would you say is the mission of your community? My heart for this community would be for someone who is down to walk away from the community feeling joyful and encouraged. Another mission is if a member finds something that brings them joy, to share it with others.

jot by Balivada Kiran — member of ‘Encouraging Thoughts & Quotes’

What types of things are you hoping members will share in your community? Quotes that stimulate deep thought while inspiring and uplifting others. I love when members post original and personal thoughts that provoke conversation.

What tip would you share with someone who wants to create a community? Create a community you are passionate about. That passion will be a light to others and will be seen as role model for them to do the same. Also as a community leader, to be active and engage with your members.

What would you say was the biggest thing you learned this past year? Put all that you have into everything you do. If you set your mind to a task you can accomplish anything, be successful, and surpass your goals. Overall be kind and love others.

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