5 minutes with Jolie Nail & Beauty Salon

Jolie Nail & Beauty Salon — Alexis Weatherley
A series of interviews with amazing people who run independent businesses in Herts. Keeping our high streets alive, taking the online market by storm and pushing the boundaries for that work / life balance.

Everyone needs a little pamper every now and again and today it was my turn. Jolie Nail & Beauty Salon in Harpenden is the perfect place for a touch of TLC, a cuppa and a catch up. It has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, although the decision of which colour to have is a tough one as there are so many to choose from.

The basics: what’s your name and what do you do to pay the bills?
My name is Alexis Weatherley and I am the owner of Jolie Nail & Beauty Salon in Harpenden.

Why did you decide to set up your own business?
I have always had a keen interest in the beauty industry and a desire to be my own boss. After working in London and then Spain for 2 years, I returned to Harpenden where I worked within Dickens Hair. By luck, the shop next door came up for rent and I decided to take a chance in opening my own salon. ‘Dickens Beauty’ was born in 1996, later to become ‘Jolie Nail & Beauty’.

Where is your favourite local gem?
My favourite local gem is the Silver Palate. I go there for a leisurely breakfast on my day off. Their smoked salmon and poached eggs are delicious!

What top tip would you share with other business owners?
Always use the best quality products and be good to the people that work for you!

Where do you go for a bit of escapism?
I like to take short breaks abroad throughout the year or head down to the south coast for a long walk on the beach to blow the cobwebs away!

What are the best things about owning your own business?
I love finding out about new products and treatments and introducing them in to the salon. It also gives me the flexibility I need when balancing family life.

What do you find the most challenging about owning your own business?
I can’t stand paperwork so my yearly accounts are always my biggest challenge.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
I’m ashamed to say, I love my soaps. Still a big fan of Corrie and Eastenders.

What’s the last book you read?
The last book I read was ‘The Hand Maids Tale” by Margaret Attwood. I’m now watching the TV series.

To keep up to date with Jolie Nail & Beauty or to make an appointment, contact or follow them
Website: www.jolienails.co.uk
Facebook: @jolienailandbeauty

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