After Brexit …

On Friday June 24th, the majority of voters in the United Kingdom voted to exit the European Union. It was a referendum on a number of things, the obvious being the decision to leave an EU that was viewed as unaccountable to the voter. It was also a referendum on the status quo.

In my view, voters in the UK are fed up with “business as usual” politics. We are tired of being told to tighten our belts and work harder and it will be alright eventually. It won’t. We are being systematically ripped off by the wealthiest members of our society and their sycophantic political enablers.

David Cameron had already lost the trust of the people due to revelations about him benefitting from an offshore tax shelter and the Tory party diddling the books on their General Election expenses. People voted to get away from that too.

In the aftermath of the vote, fingers are being pointed in all directions. Who will lead the Tory party after David Cameron steps down? Should Jeremy Corbyn be removed for failing to mobilise the left to keep us in Europe? As usual, our media and the politicians are talking about the wrong thing.

We have told the “usual suspects” that we are fed up with their rhetoric and hollow promises. We are ready to shake things up a bit.

We need a new General Election to get the right people in place to lead us through this time of uncertainty and change. There is no way know that we should resign ourselves, after such a strong statement against the status quo, to 150 thousand Tory party members assuming things should go on as they were and appointing our next Prime Minister. Not on my watch they shouldn’t.

Scotland was lied to and given an 11th hour Vow cynically aimed at getting them to forego their own independence in 2014. All of us remembered that, and the Labour Party was eviscerated in Scotland for generations to come because of it. Now Scotland is going to ask themselves the question again, and this time they won’t be falling for any Vows.

What should happen in the UK after the referendum other than a General Election? I have some suggestions:

  1. Scotland should have Indy Ref 2 and find their delayed independence.
  2. Northern Ireland should join its brothers and sisters in the rest of Ireland.
  3. Gibraltar should join Spain.
  4. Wales should go its own way, should it choose to do so.

We have an opportunity to listen to whats wrong with our society and fix it. Let’s not bottle it, just as it is starting to work.

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