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I didn’t start with a navigational metaphor, I promise. But it works.

It started with a client embarking on their first customer-facing software project. After years of building their operations around the clunky way someone else’s product worked, they were excited to change the way their company did business. They were also understandably nervous about the journey ahead.

When beginning a project at Crema, we typically go through several exercises designed to generate alignment between everyone involved. Most of them, like the Lean Model Canvas, are descriptive of the product’s future state. They don’t often get into the team’s future state or how we make our way in that direction.

So, borrowing a couple ideas from a couple workshops, the NORTH Canvas was born. Specifically, this initially built on an idea I learned from the Tamara Christensen (she’s amazing!), an IBM collaboration workshop at CANUX 2017 (easily the best conference I’ve ever been to), and of course Design Sprints. …


Tyler Hilker

Director of Strategy & Design @cremalab / Addressing alignment issues / Getting us out of our own way / Learning to slow down faster

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