The Princess that never was

‘’What in this world makes you wanna go on this dumb walk in this scorching noon? Do you even know how hot is it at this time of the year in this stupid village you’ve brought us in. Firstly you beg me to throw away my money on this dorkish trip and then you didn’t even let me plan this at least during the winters. And now, a person like you who hasn’t ever stepped out to walk for a meagre 10 yards wants to go for a countryside walk at this time of the day!”

‘’Its ok if you don’t want to go.I’ll take my brother with me.’’ She defied for the first time in the 26 years of marriage with Mr. Singh.

‘’Go wherever you want to go.And I really wish you learn a lesson after this trip of yours.” He cursed her which she was used to.

The brother and his lovely sister rushed out of the Old-greasy Hotel. She was the happiest person alive as her husband had culled her choice yet again.

‘’You don’t know how happy I am today.I am finally going to see my daughter. I’ve heeded of her every single day of my life. There hasn’t been a morning where the first thoughts in my mind were not of my daughter.’’

‘’I know jiji ,but are you sure you really wanna go and meet her? I mean what will you tell her? What if she’s pissed at you for not raising her as your own, like her brothers.What if she curses you for not giving her the love and compassion which she deserved of her mother,like her brothers? What then?’’

A silence seeped through as they progressed through the narrow farmtracks. She was speechless.She had no clue of how would she answer the questions her brother had put forth which also might be the questions of her eldest and only daughter.

She started sobbing, choked as she tried to speak. Her tears were a testimony of the atrocities she had faced all her life right from her father,to her husband and then from her sons who mock her for the horrific scar on her face which was given to her by her husband after the birth of their daughter. And a mother was then blitzed of her daughter by her maternal uncles and was sent to this small village to at least ,live. But the Uncles were not nocuous. They wanted their niece to live lest not ponder. They paid a Peasant and asked him to raise the girl like one of his own and paid him enough to never tell anyone of her true identity.

‘’I will tell her everything. How you and Bade bhaiya saved her from the eyes of her Father’s family and let her live. I still remember everything brother. The house I gave her birth in, the mango tree near my room,and the swing around and how we used to play there and the tree stood still as my husband banged the door and came in ,the pain I had, the pale face of my husband when he saw me delivering a baby girl and how you saved me from getting killed by my own husband.I’ll tell her everything.’’ And she crumbled speaking the truth she had kept herself from speaking till now.

‘’Have courage, jiji. C’mon now. We have to go.’’ Her brother failed to empower his sister like he had been failing all his life.

They reached the village.He knew the house he left his 2 day old niece to live in. All his memory had not gone away.He lead his sister to her daughter. Her enchants for the almighty were growing louder every second. She walked sternly.

He saw the small house and told his sister to wait by the tree while he goes and reaffirms that the peasant still lived there. While he was gone, Mrs Singh was trying to steal a look of anyone who comes out of the house hoping that it would be her daughter. She failed as a man came out of the house and had a conversation with her brother pointing out at directions towards the nearby village.She was trying to figure out what they were talking about but floundered.

Her brother looked at her from there and withdrew eye-contact as he saw his elder sister looking directly at him.He had the same look in his eye he’s always had.The look of letting his sister down . He postponed his little walk as long as he could. And when he came,he just took her hand and started walking. She didn’t ask him where were they heading and just followed,

They walked past two blocks and then stopped.

He didn’t look at his sister and said ,’’The peasant passed a while ago.’’ And paused to start again ,’’He married off our princess to the son of the man living here. But she passed away giving birth to her first child 5 years ago.’’ He choked as tears rolled down his eyes.

And the Mother has had her last hope shattered.But couldn’t shed a tear. Perhaps she knew all along that she was gonna fail yet again and knew that her destiny was cruel enough to let her live and bear this pain. Or perhaps she had seen that sweet little girl on a swing playing carelessly over that Mango tree…